2 Cm Dilated At 60 Effaced At 30 Weeks Pregnant How Soon

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lacyma03 - November 4

How soon can labor be expected? Anyone have similar experiences? I was checked at 30 weeks and already 60%effaced and 2cm dilated, baby was in position, and I already lost some of my "mucous plug". My doctor admitted me. gave me that steriod shot to help mature the babys lungs faster, and some other shot that made me feel real antsy and shaky. Now I'm on nifedapine every 6 hours to stop contractions and was sent home on bed rest after being in the hospital for a week. I've stopped taking the nifedapine, am having random contractions. Just curious how fast dilation and effacement occur. The due date is 12/30 but my sched. c-section is for 12/28 (doctor thinks its best for me and the baby because of my pervious delivery). Are my chances greater that Ill have this baby within the next couple weeks or do you think I could carry to term? I'm 32 weeks today-11/4/07.


Tory1980 - November 4

The fact you were already dilated and starting to efface could mean things will move that little bit quicker. Is this your second baby or more? Since you are still having random contractions after coming off the meds and still on bed rest I would get checked again just to make sure nothing has changed. I would very much doubt that you will make the date for your c-section but things may stay this way until then. Why is your Doctor leaving it so late for the section? With this not being your first pregnancy you may go into labour earlier anyway. Two days doesn't give you much room.


lacyma03 - November 4

Tory- thanks for replying.. yes this is my second baby, and the doctor thinks the fact that they are so close is the reason why Im effacing and dilating so soon, that my cervix never had a chance to fully recover. my daughter is 19 months old, and I'm now 32 weeks. But I dont know, Ive heard of people having children even closer in age and they never had any complications such as pre term labor because of it. Could a doctor change the date of a scheduled c section based on the fact that I'm dilating and effacing early? I mean, I know doctors do that in the case of women with pre-clampsia since the mother is in danger and the only cure is to deliver.. but I dont know if I could convince my doctor to move the date up. It would be nice though. I mean if I last to 36 weeks, I think that would be the ideal time, away from xmas and new years. but i dont think im gonna have the luxury of just picking a date. I wish there was a way I could just figure out how dilated I am at home, and like how many contractions it takes for your cervix to thin out and open up more..then I'd have a better idea how close I am to having this baby. If theres anyone out there that was 60% effaced and 2cm dilated at 30 wks, could you please let me know how far along you were when you actually delivered, whether it be c-section or v____al? I'm trying to get an idea of my chances of carrying to term. I hate the "not knowing" factor.



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