2nd Or Subsequent Labors Baby Drop When In Labor

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alirenee86 - September 18

Sorry for such a long t_tle...but I had my first last November. I know the baby is supposed to 'drop' before the labor. I got pregnant again right away and am due September 30th. The baby is in position and everything going well, but yesterday the doctor said the head is 'still way up there in heaven' and made it sound like I still had some time. However, the doctor I saw in the group the week before said they don't expect babies to drop with 2nd or subsequent labors until you actually go into labor. Has anyone experienced this, heard this or know this to be true?? Just trying to see if I am going to go right around my due date, like with my first, or if I might possibly go a little earlier....I'm getting anxious!! Thanks for any input!


JNFR614 - September 18

Hi Alirenee- I just turned 36 weeks yesterday & have also heard the same thing. I was told after the 1st baby you may not even"drop" w/ others. This is my 2nd also- but it's been a while ds is 9yrs. old. In the last week a few people have told me that I look like I've dropped alot- I can't tell, but was thinking that maybe I have considering how long it has been since I've had my ds. Kinda like it's new to my body all over again. Good luck & take care.


joey - September 29

I would like to know the exact same thing...I am 39weeks and 5 days...and baby has not dropped- 2nd pregnancy. I will go insane if I am still pregnant in almost 2 weeks... I am hoping it is true and it will just all happen when i go into labor..


alirenee86 - September 29

I think so..haven't heard much more about it but I'm due tomorrow, have a dr appt tomorrow and was SURE I was going to have this little baby boy over the weekend. I'm going nuts! I went so happily along until the very end with my first until it just hit me out of nowhere, fast and furious and that was it after 4.5 hours. This one, I'm soooooo anxious at this point and hoping I don't have to be induced and that he just comes today! Joey- when is your due date?


joey - September 30

October 1st! So I know EXACTLY what youre going through!...please update me and post here after your baby arrives, would love to hear all about it...good luck!


alirenee86 - October 1

Ahhh!!! I was due yesterday! My first came last year one day before the u/s due date so I expected the same here but didn't happen! I had a dr appt yesterday though and he did say he was pretty low, which is good. Everything else looks perfect he said but my cervix isn't perfect for an induction right now so he suggested hanging in a few more days. They won't let me go past 1 week late so hopefully soon! Joey- did you have the baby? Something tells me you're still waiting:)


joey - October 2

NO!!!! I am still waiting :-( What about you? I had my first on my due date....now I am one day over this time so far...I know I have to be patient...and I am at times...but ugh, I know you understand. At least your doctor said that your bubs has dropped, that is good news! Please keep me posted!!


alirenee86 - October 2

Yup, still pregnant! I have a dr appt at 12:30 today. You would think all these internal exams would stir something up! I really don't want to have to be induced and hope so much that he comes by the end of the weekend...


kimberly - October 2

In subsequent pregnancy it is very possible you will not drop unitl labor. I dropped with my first and didn't drop with my 2nd or 3rd unitl I was induced. Good Luck with both of your labors!


joey - October 9

hey so i thought i'd update...i had my baby girl on october 4th....she never dropped until i was in estalished labor...i went to 40 weeks 4 days, went into labor naturally...5 hour labor, no drugs..8lb 14oz baby- i';m not a big girl and handled this fine..no st_tches or anything. So it's silly when docs worry people about not dropping etc etc! Anyway...i guess your baby has arrived too? hope you're doing well!



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