2nd Pregnancy How Long After Baby Drops

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Jamie - October 19

I heard in your second pregnancy after the baby drops it will only be two or three days until you go into labor. Has any one else heard of this?


NG - October 19

I have read that also. But I am not sure if it is true or not, I have been told that in second pregnancys the baby does not normaly drop ( and engage) untill just before or during labor.


sian - October 19

this is my 3rd pregnancy and have heard the same thing.my babys head has been engaged since 32 weeks and iam now 2 days away from my due date so i dont think it always goes by the 'rules'.


Ashlie - October 19

I was told by my doc that the baby wouldnt drop with my 2nd one until I was actually in labor. ?? I am 38wks, being induced on the 26th and the baby still hasnt dropped or positioned himself in the birth ca___l yet.


Never Know - October 21

My baby dropped about 4 weeks ago and became fully engaged about 2 weeks ago, you know when your pubic bone feels like its going to crack in half, plus the doc told me. But I still have til my due date on the 1st of Nov.


Ashlie - October 21

Yeah Ive been having the really bad pelvic pains, hip pains, crotch feels like it is going to fall out, increased potty breaks, but my ultrasound showed the baby not even in the birth ca___l, but then again it can happen over night, and every women is different.


Melissa - October 21

Is there any true way to know on your own if the baby has dropped? I am on my second child, due nov 9th and I have been having that severe pelvic pain for weeks now. The dr. said if I go into labor he won't stop it. I wish i knew for sure if she was ready to come out or not.


Jamie - October 21

Seriously... Everybody, just give up! We are never going to have our babies. They hate us and they're gonna stay in there forever!! (Hey, give me a break, I'm due in 4 days. I'm feelin' a little crazy.)


Suzan - October 21

i havent heard that but i have heard that you can go in labor anywhere 2-4 weeks after that for me dropped fully at 32 - 33 weeks and im 34 weeks as of yesterday and this babys still in here and giving me trouble


Ashlie - October 22

Jamie you are soo funny. But hey when you are 39wks your bound to go a little crazy, right? I went 41 1/2 wks with my first son, I swear I was going to be bald by the time he came ( from pulling my hair out) and the thing was, even after they induced me (by breaking my water) he STILL didnt want to come out, they had to give me pitocin to make my contractions harder and now he is 2yrs old and is still trying to crawl back up there sometimes LOL Good luck girls I have 4 days before my induction and im trying VERY hard to keep myself busy!!



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