32 Weeks And Wondering About Induction

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Maraen - September 19

I am currently 32 weeks pregnant with my second baby. My first son was born 10 days late and also a whopping 10lbs. It was a horrible experience. Enough to take 4 years to have another! This time I went into early labor at 27 weeks with meds to stop contractions due to a bad urinary tract infection. This also caused me to thin about 80%. What I am wondering is a few things. First I have had terrible menstrual cramps and stabbing feelings in my cervix for weeks now. The contractions are not close enough that labor is occouring. I am wondering if there is any way to get my doctor to induce me at 37-38 weeks for 3 reasons. 1.)my son was 10lbs and my body can not re-tear like it did! 2.) I am in horrible pain in my va___a and back. and 3.) my husband needs to plan his vacation a month before and we fear that with his job he wont be able to get off the day i go into labor, and want to have it scheduled a day that he can just let work know. Anyone have any insight into all of this? How do i go about approaching my doctor, because I feel like he would just laugh at me, and be like sorry deal with another 8 weeks of pain, and another big baby. Please help :)


Sam - September 19

I've had big babies too, 9 and 10 pounds. I always tear with them. Believe it or not, my second time tearing wasn't near as bad as the first time. I tore more, but it was more bearable. I also have spd so pain is something I understand clearly. I don't believe any of these things should be cause for an automatic induction. In some cases that can actually make it worse. Many inductions cause a need for an epidural, which masks the pain and you could do more harm than good. You can bring it up to him, but I wouldn't push for one.


Heather - September 20

I wouldn't push for an induction if you don't need one. One intervention usually leads to another, and another, and another. You would be on more medication and in higher risk of C-section. Both mine were 9 pounds and I tore but it wasn't as bad the second time around.



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