35 Weeks Pregnant PLEASE HELP ME

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kiarrasmommy83 - September 24

I am now 35 weeks pregnant, my midwife gave me the ok to go ahead and induce myself when I am 38 weeks which is only 3 weeks away. I want this baby out of me so bad, I cant sleep, have problems walking, and am in so much pain especially my legs and back which is where most of the pain is coming from. My midwife told me to take primrose oil and drink rasberry leaf tea at 38 weeks and that if the baby is ready to come out it will come happen by me doing that, and if it does not happen then the baby just is not ready. I know that people say s_x,herbal teas, foods, will or could help bring on labour but I dont want to try and of that. Does anyone have any other ideas on what I can do to bring on my labour earlier? Is there anything I can do to get my water to break, or to lose my mucus plug? And what are your opinions on me inducing myself at 38 weeks do you think its stupid and I should just wait till baby is ready to come out on there own, or do you think there is no harm in it. Please help me out here.


bekysu - September 24

Your baby is not ready. Read on down the forum from the girl who had her baby at 35 weeks. It was sad. She couldn't bring her baby home for at least a week. You don't realize how lucky you are. I am almost 33 weeks and on bedrest b/c I am dilated at almost a three. A baby born now would struggle to survive and would have to stay in the NICU. I am sorry you are so uncomfortable, I do understand that, but just try to enjoy the last couple of weeks and count your blessings that you aren't in pre-term labor like some of the rest of us.


amandaxoxo - September 26

DON'T DO IT! I am 32 weeks, and feeling VERY uncomfortable as well.... It's not worth it to have your baby early for selfish reasons. Only if there is some medical concern for the health and safety of you or the baby. Whats a few short weeks compared to months, maybe even years of medical treatment for a baby that has been "forced" out to early. You can do it!!!! Take one day at a time and let your baby come when it wants too... you'll be thankful you did in the end


tinkri - September 27

Please wait until your baby is ready. Your body knows what it is doing. At 40 weeks maybe you could consider trying some of the "wives tales."


Celia - September 27

38 weeks is fine to start trying those things. Just don't do it before 38 weeks. Of course you can try everything under the sun and if your baby isn't ready, it's not going to work. You may just end up making yourself sick in the process.


Heather F - September 27

I thought I was uncomfortable when I was pregnant and I wanted my baby to come, I didnt do anything to induce myself and she was born at 36 weeks....let m tell you I wished I was still pregnant, I have never know tired like tired is with a newborn, enjoy your free time while you have it!! Do things you wont h ave time to do for the nex six months, go out to dinner, go to the movies, enjoy quiet time....do crafts you enjoy, think of these last few weeks as mommy time and take advantage because once the baby comes for the first two weeks you are going to be more tired then you have ever been in your whole life!!!


dot - September 29

I fully agree with Heather F !!


skylersmom - September 30

i kind of agree. i just had my son 2wks ago and it has been a little difficult. mainly because i am so tired and exhausted. i cant sleep when he sleeps during the day because i have a 3 y.o. But i totally understand what its like to be in the 9th month and just want the baby out! i know it all too well believe me. i did try going to the movies with my husband. it sucked because i was uncomfortable the whole time. For me, it was more tiring BEING pregnant because i had another one to care for. I couldnt rest wheni wanted to. Not that i can now, but at least when i do get the chance to lay down, i can sleep on my stomache and be comfortable!! I dont have to pee every 10 min. This is just my response to the post before mine. Babies will stay in there as long as they need to. You can try what you want but most likely it wont work unless your baby is ready to come out. My dr stripped my membranes and i had him the same day. maybe ask your dr to do that when your due date gets closer.


K8 - October 1

I tried absolutely EVERYTHING and my baby was still 10 days late! none if it works if baby isnt ready. trust me it happens when the time is right for baby not you. I agree with the girls who said to ejoy being pregnant, you will miss it when baby comes and you are a walking zombie from lack of sleep. Best of luck, but dont wish it away too quickly :)


heathertl - October 9

you will be fine at 38 weeks technically after 36 weeks its anytime


leesei - May 12

A baby is considered full term at 37 weeks. My water broke at 38 weeks and she was born healthy, just a little small at 6 pounds. Other than that, she was no different than any other newborn, and I was extremely happy to give birth at 38 weeks instead of 40. If I were you, I would trust your midwife since she knows the situation better than any of these people (including me) online. They're professionals, they know you, and they've been following your pregnancy. My friend tried all the natural induction stuff and she still didn't go into labor until 2 weeks late anyway. It just depends on your body. I wouldn't loose sleep over it.


Rachel Bradshaw - May 19

Dont!!! My baby was born 35 wks and had to be in the hospital for 3 wks. with oxygen and stuff


TanyaN - November 16

I can relate to kiarrasmommy83 anguish as I am currently 35 weeks pregnant and still working 48 hour weeks for another three weeks. I am really starting to struggle and have contemplated trying a couple of old wives tales shortly. However, whilst contemplating I realised that I would rather my baby be in my NICU being cared for by me. I am here for every hiccup, every movement; I keep him/her warm, safe, and well hydrated a lot better than any professional, and I can hold him/her all day everyday with no intervention. I know I am exhausted and in pain, but my baby is getting the best care on earth and that is worth any sacrifice.


claire616 - December 10

im 35 weeks, nearly 36 and can not sleep at all at night mainly because i have a 21 month old who doesnt stay asleep at night but also i have spd / pgp and it really hurts to even get comfy and i wake up in agony. ive thought about old wives tales but i think im just gonna wait til hes ready to come out. my first son was born at 36 weeks by emergency c section because i had pre eclampsia. he was fine. wish i could say the same about him now lol. wait til your baby is ready to come and dont force things to happen to fast.


divvyblonde - December 29

i think i can understand how much pain your in. When i was pregnant with my 4 yr old i suffered with my back terriably. My midwifres n gp just said it was baby pressing on it (later turned out to be a major issue and should have been delt with when i first started to complain) At 35 weeks baby isnt ready. 38 weeks would be fine to start to try different things. I spiced my lad out. Sat eating a chilli and kept adding chilli powder to it lol. My friend has got bad SPD and if shes really struggling they will induce her at 37 weeks but that will be under complete superviosion If i have another baby i will proberly end up having to have it early due to my on going problems but i know i would go on for as long as i can do no matter what pain im in. so please think of your baby and think its safer inside you than outside at this stage


claire616 - January 1

im struggling but i dont wanna end up with crutches which will prob be the case if i say its killing me. im 38 weeks now, tried a curry and s_x LOL. i know tmi but its not worked yet. i guess im just gonna wait it out. they wont induce me even if i ask. everytime i turn over at night i hear cracks and they are painful.


Kylap87 - November 27

I recomend not listening to any of these other women trying to discourage you from stimulating labour at home. Once your 38 weeks I would try nipple stiumlation, spicy foods and primrose tea. I am currently 35 weeks pregnant with my second child and I completely get being 100% over it. Now a days with medical science a baby can survive past 28 weeks in neonatal care. Every week the baby is in ur belly, the better chances of him/her are of being healthy.  But of all the parents I know personally who's babies were born from 28 weeks to 43 weeks there children turned out to be all strong healthy intelligent children. So long story short! At 38 weeks even 37 start those techniques to bring on labour!!! If you feel you are really ready then chances are he/she is ready too!! 



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