36 Week Preterm Labor HELP

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Newmommy - March 30

I was recently told by my OB that I am 1 centimeter dilated, I am at my 36th week this Sunday. She put me on bed rest, no standing, sitting, walking, etc.... From my understanding I am in danger, but from others I am fine. I need to know if indeed the baby is okay to deliver should something happen or if not.


Corrine321 - March 30

Okay, i just need help.. if your checking your forums like right now i hope you see this! I am so scared... i dont know if im going through labor.. im 28 weeks.. and my belly is tightning, when i went pee it was clear with very very little color! (like none at all), my back is killing me especially my lower back!!, i feel like im gonna get sck, im freezing, i am very light headed!! please!! i need an answer!! right now!! please.....


angel - March 30

Corrine321 aslong as ur not having pain ful contractions u should be fine . it sounds like the start of braxton hicks and the pee thing is normal. It also depends on what kind of prenatal vitamins ur taking. If u drink enough water ur urin will be clear. Id call ur doctor about the light headednes tho..although it could just be from laying down or pressure of ur belly on the artery in ur back..try walking arounda bit and let me know how it goes


Shell - March 30

You could be 1 cm dilated for a long time, I would just do what the doc says and try not to stress about it.


My answer - March 30

Wow! That's a pretty extreme reaction from your Dr. Was there something other than being at a 1 to cause her to think your delivery is near? I was dialated to 3 for the last 3 weeks of my second pregnancy, and my midwife said that it wasn't unusual. You are only 4 weeks early, so your baby should be fine if you do have to deliver, but I would just take it easy (no heavy lifting, etc...) and you should make it to full term easily.


Olivene - March 30

Newmommy, My brother and I were both born earlier than that more than 30 years ago. He had some breathing issues at first, but we were fine. Corrine, please get in contact with your doctor. I wouldn't worry about the pee color. It might just be the flu, but better safe than sorry.


elijahsmom - March 31

Yes the babe will be fine..37 weeks is considered full term. So keep it in there one more week and it will be fine! I was dialated to 1cm for 4weeks my dr wasnt too concerned. 2 out of the 4 weeks I was overdue!


Daniella - April 1

Most woman get their first internal exam at 36 weeks and are told they are 1 cm dilated (totally normal)... so, how do you know how long you actually have been dilated for? You really dont, unless you get an exam before then. I got my first at 32 weeks 4 day and was at 1 cm. I am going on 35 weeks now. Still at 1 cm dilated.. There is much more to dilation for a doctor to put you on bed rest. I mean, its almost proven that laying in bed isn't going to stop dilation anyhow. Heck, most labor occurs at night/morning becase you were laying in bed relaxed. YET, 36 weeks is totally fine to be 1cm dilated, much less to give birth. I'm just wondering what else made your doctor react that way... how much are you effaced?? what station is the baby in, etc.??


Jamie - April 1

My daughter was delivered via emergency c-section at exactly 37 weeks - she was a healthy 8 lbs 1 oz and scored a 9 on her APGAR. 36 weeks is only 1 week early, since 37 weeks is considered full-term. Someone will no doubt correct me if I'm mistaken, but chances are, if you deliver now, your baby will be born perfectly healthy. So, lay back, stay off your feet (if you're anything like I was, you'll probably want to!) and relax. You've made it this far, and before you know it, your little one will be in your arms, safe and sound!


Brandi - April 2

I had my daughter at 36 weeks and she was almost 7 lbs and perfectly healthy. I was 5 cm dilated at 34 wks with her and stayed in hospital for 2 wks then had her. I am currently 3 cm dilated with my son at 36 wks 3 days and docs not worried at all. Don't worry it'll be fine but it can be a little scary especially if it's your first. Good luck!


Daniella - April 2

Brandi- with your daughter, what made them do the exam at 34 weeks? did you feel like you were going into preterm?? Also, they noticed you were 4cm then. WOW! yet, did they say how effaced you were, etc. ?? What about with your son now?? you are 3cm dilated at 36 weeks... but, how effaced are you and what station is the bub in?? I am 35 weeks tomorrow. Have my next. apt. on Thursday to see where I am. I was 1cm dilated 2 weeks ago at 32.5 weeks and 25% effaced. A few days ago I was 1.5cm dilated and 50% effaced. They said they aren't concerned at all.


Brandi - April 3

They were planning to start checking my cervix every week for the last 6 weeks or so with my daughter, it was just routine procedure but I had been having alot of what I thought were Braxton Hicks. They did the exam and were like "Oh, you're in labor!" I had no spotting or pain at all, no real signs of preterm but I was only 16 so was considered high risk to begin with, scariest day of my life hehe. So this time they have been peparing for it. As of Friday I was 3.5 cm dilated 80% effaced so hopefully it'll be coming anytime.


ckmnac - April 3

I walked around 2 cm dialated with my second baby from 36 weeks on and he was still 4 days overdue!


Daniella - April 3

2 cm dilated for 4 weeks isn't unusual at all!! _Brandi- could you be a little further than you think?? I know they say give or take 2 weeks, because unless you seen ovulation on an ultrasound, or had blood work taken right after ovulation, there really is no way to know 100% sure when it took place. So, if your baby girl was 7 pounds at 36 weeks... and you were 5 cm dilated, etc.for a couple weeks it sounds like you might have been closer then they thought?? Either way, I am sure this one will be fine also. :) When is your next apt?? Mine is on Thursday (wed. in the states). Good luck!!


dlombard23 - May 13

Pre-term labor is anything before 37 weeks. However, you are currently at 36 weeks so you only have 1 more week until the baby is full-term. You could deliver a perfectly healthy baby right now so don't worry. I had my check up and I am 36 1/2 weeks and 1 cent. dilated and was told this is perfectly fine. You might double check with your Dr. as to why this was so bothersome to put you on bed rest.


austynsmommy - May 17

I dont think that is a danger at all. With my first I was dialated to 2 at 36 weeks and they. You only have one week until your full term.



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