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Amy - March 26

Hello everyone! I am now 36 weeks pregnant! Not much longer to go now lol. I am so anxious to hold my baby girl right now. I am now starting to see my doc every week. As of friday the 24th, no dilation or effacement. Dont know how quickly that can change though. I asked my doc friday for an estimate of her weight, and he said she is about 6 1/2 pounds. I have been having some cramping and pressure today. Probably bh though. Anyhow, anyone having any progress down there yet?


chante - March 27

Yeah I am like 37 weeks now. And I am dilated a 2-3 last checked. So I am hoping something will happen. I had my last baby at 37 weeks. But I do wish you luck.


Hannah777 - March 27

Hi, Amy. I am too 36 weeks. will have my first internal tomorrow. Saw doc on Thursday and she said my baby will be more than 8 lbs. Does that mean the same for you? She said they gain about 1 lb per week...


Amy to Hannah777 - March 27

Hello. My doc told me he figured that when she is born she will weigh anywhere from 7 1/2 to 8 pounds. Which is good, very good for me lol. My hubby has been teasin me about us having an 11 pound baby and I kept coming back with, well, we could have twins lol. Do you know yet what you are having? We are having a baby girl and have chosen the name Katelyn Marie. I am so excited! I feel like my body is definately preparing itself, cuz i lost the rest of my mucous plug, and have had stronger bh. Also, yesterday, last night and still today feel kinda crampy in my back and stomach. She is also moving good and when she does it feels kinda weird lol. I have had a few sharp pains as well in my stomach and down there. Don't know what all that means, but hopefully something is going on down there lol. I have had the feeling I will have her early though. I do not know for sure if that feeling is exact, but I guess only time will tell lol. Good luck to you and everyone!!!!!!!


Cecille - March 27

I'm experiencing the same thing you are and I'm 36 weeks also. Last week my doctor told me that I was dilated 1cm, his head is engaged, and he is 7lbs. I was 5 days late with my first baby. My doctor thinks I have a week, maybe two. I go to the doctor in the morning, Hopefully, they'll tell me I've made some progress. I hope something starts happening for you soon ! I know just how anxious you are !!!


Amy to Cecille - March 28

hello and thank you for your reply. I seen my doc yesterday due to some severe pains I was having. As far as I know, I am not dilated. He did not tell me I was or not though. He just checked and said, momma you're just fine. He also mentioned that baby has settled her head further into my pelvis which caused my severe pains. He wants me to try and take it easy from now on. Gettin help with cleaning around the house and all. I can keep working, just not work myself too hard. I have had alot of bowel movements lately though. I mean, for the past several days that is. Cramping the same and all that. But, i just wonder exactly how long it can take to start dilating. I mean, can someone start dilating even a couple days after seing the doc?


elijahsmom - March 30

yeah I have progress...I am 2cm dialated, %100 effaced and ready to PUSH. Dr swiped the membranes adn still nothing but discharge..I am praying soon! I am 40 weeks and 1day !


chante - March 30

What do you mean by the dr swiped your membranes? I am just curious.


kat - March 30

hi im 36 weeks almost 37 just went to the doc today and im 1cm dialated and 50% effaced and this is my first baby so looks like good progress so far!!! Oh i almost forgot to mention its a baby boy :)


colorado31 - May 16

I am 38 weeks pregnant and I am wondering about dialation too. I haven't lost the mucus plug yet but I was wondering if you can dialate and still have it? I am also having a girl. Congrats to all of you!



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