37 Weeks Amp Baby Hasn T Dropped Yet

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michele - November 11

i just had an internal exam the other day, and my OB said that i have not dialated yet bc the baby is having a hard time dropping due to the fact that my pelvis bones are having a hard time shifting. have any of u gone through this? and if so, is this ok and normal? should i be concerned?


Lynn - November 11

I am 37 weeks and baby hasn't dropped either. My OB is not concerned at all about it. Baby will come when baby is ready. SOme women don't drop until hours before labor starts, some women drop 6 weeks before they go into labor. If you want to help it along, sit 'indian style" as often as you can, do some pelvic tilts & pelvic rocks. That will help, but if baby isn't ready yet, it's not going to make much of a difference.


mama-beans - November 11

With my first my daughter didn't drop till the 3rd day of pitocin.. and I didn't feel it at all because by that point I had an epidural.. My doctor wasn't concerned though.


Donna - November 13

I wouldn't worry about it. I am 40w + 5 days with my first, and he or she hasn't dropped yet. OB is happy.


michele - November 21

well at first i really wasn't worried about it until the doc told me that hes starting to get a little concerned. for the fact that since the baby isnt dropping, hes just staying in one place but hes getting bigger & he thinks that if i wait to long i'll never be able to deliver him v____ally bc im so small. although he did say that they might be able to schedule a c-section for me. but what concerns me is that since the baby hasn't dropped, can they still give me a bikini line cut? o well..i guess ill find out on wednesday when i go to my app.


Jen - November 21

Michele- I wouldn't worry too much about the incision. Although I am no doctor, I don't think that the baby drops far enough to actually affect where they make the cut. I think the doctors only use the vertical incision if there is some kind of complication, or if you have had that type of incision in a previous pregnancy. Again, I am just going on what makes sense to me, but either way, don't worry too much! You will be fine!


lisa - November 23

i went 10 days over and was induced, baby only came down when i started pushing, midwife said mabie thats why i didnt go into labor on my own as there was no head pressure on cervix



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