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babysoon - June 14

Hi, I am 37 weeks today - (6-14-06) and have an appt. later today. Last appt, last week I was 1 cm. dilated. I am having a rough time now - in the last couple of weeks I am 100% positive he's dropped because I have to waddle now and I have BAD pubic bone pain/pressure, and can breathe a little easier. With the pubic pain or any pain, the nurse just says take tylenol. I am worried important pain may be overlooked soon by all these tylenol suggestions. I am inexperienced b/c this is my first baby. I'm very unsure if I've been having contractions. I've felt tightness but sometimes it lasts a long time, not minutes. My doc said it may be the baby's position. She said I'll know when I'm having contractions because it'll be very tight and then soften. Everyone keeps telling me if I have evenly spaced contractions to call the doc, but I don't know what to expect or if I'm having it already. So confused.....I've had lots of tightness and uncomfortable feelings, just not sure if it's the real thing. All I know is I can't do anything around the house with this new pubic pain and I can't imagine this getting worse (with contractions). My husband is already helping as much as he can and I know, he doesn't like it. I hope today my doc say's I'm much more dilated...I'll update tonight. Please help :-) Thank you.


babysoon - June 14

Also, forgot to say I've been having very low pains. It feels like he's kicking directly on top of my v____a. My vulva hurts a lot and the pubic bone pain is really bad at times. I don't have great control of my continence anymore (urine wise). I just can't wait till this is over....


Been There - June 14

Don't worry. There is absolutely no way Tylenol will hide the pain. That is unless you are very fortunate to not have strong labor pains, which is very rare. With labor pains, you should feel very strong pains. Pain strong enough to stop you in your tracks, not just discomfort. Then you'll know for sure. Just trust yourself and your body. Contractions usually, but not always, start at your back and you can feel the pain move around both of your sides toward your front. Also, changing what you're doing should not make the pain go away if you're in true labor. When you feel the pain regularly, you should be able to time from the start of the initial pain, through it being over until the next one starts. The tightness could also just be false contractions. If the baby is in position, he's not kicking you. His head is pushing down on the cervix, which means he's probably dropping into place and getting engaged for delivery. Therefore you're just feeling pressure from his head. Hang in there and try to stay relaxed. You'll need the energy.


starr - June 14

Babysoon,I'm pretty sure u will know when the labor is real.I'm 39w4d and for the last few wks I've had the same pubic pain that u described and lots of pressure.It felt as if my baby was sitting right in my lap, but dr says she still has not dropped down at all.Tylenol may help a little in early labor but probably won't do a thing for the more intense contractions.U will know when it's real labor b/c usually the pain gradually increases in strength and doesn't go away and like Been There says, u will be able to time the contractions from one to the other.At that point, u may not be able to stand up straight or even talk through a real contraction.Good Luck.Keep us posted.


nanny - June 15

Hi all, if it is any help before my labour started i was getting what i felt were contraction type pains, these continued for 3 days but normal painkillers did help alot . I felt like you not knowing if i was in labour or if to go to hospital etc... when the painkillers stoped helping i was getting pains every 5 mins so went up to hospital but was only 1 cm dil, they told me to go home and get some rest and gave me 2 strong painkillers (co-codamol) to help me sleep. 2 hours after taking them my waters broke which woke me up and then the cramps got worse which could not have been anything other than labour! My advise is try and rest as much as possible as it sounds like it wont be long for you, take pian relief as it wont hide established labour pains and maybe try a tenns machine if you can, some people dont think it helps but i had a back to back labour (long and painful) and the tenns got me through most of the labour. Best of luck x


babysoon - June 15

(ORIGINAL POSTER)... I went to the doc last night. I am the same dilation but now 50% effaced. She got one finger in and said she touched the baby's head! She said all my pubic area pain is typical. Unfortunately, my Group B Strep results came back POSITIVE so I will have to have penicillin during labor. All I know is I'm in Hell. I'd love to get lots of rest, but I can't sleep, leg pains, acid flares up, urination, nightmares, list goes on. I can barely walk right now the pubic pain's so bad. From all your advice I guess I'll really know labor pains then. I just wasn't sure if this pubic bone pain was the start of it all. I'll keep you updated...


bbelmore - June 15

Mine dropped at 32 weeks or so... tylenol did nothing to ease the pressure. Like everyone else says, you'll know. Another thing is, in labour I had a lot of pressure on my bum ( I actually couldn't have a bm for two weeks, his head was so low down, I had to get an enema...) the pressure was so much that the epidural did nothing for it. It did stop me from feeling the pubic and stomach pain though.


babysoon - June 15

(ORIGINAL POSTER) I tried a tylenol for the pubic area pain and it really does nothing for me, I think. My husband said my mood was better, but I disagree. I agree, bbelmore, I am experiencing that difficult BM you speak of. It makes sense if the baby's low and has all his pressure on that area, it's difficult to go. I just am dying to get this over with and hope he comes out soon. Plus I can't wait to see him!! He feels gigantic inside of me and I think he is actually running out of room. Even if I don't get any sleep today, I'll at least rest in bed or on the couch with my feet up. I guess anything's better than nothing! Thanks for all your comments thus far. It helps.


BIG RED - June 15

No worries my daughters came soon after the pubic pain started. My 2nd daughter the pain lasted longer but it wasn't long. It is just from your son dropping down getting ready to come see the world. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!


babysoon - June 16

BIGRED, that's conforting to know your daughter was born soon after the pubic bone pain....Now, not only is there so much pubic pain, but so much pressure down there, it feels like I have to hold my stomach when I walk. I am plus size and don't want to invest in a belt (if I can find one in my size) for the few days that remain in the pregnancy. All I know is my mobility is very low now and I am taking it real easy. I don't care what the house looks like!!! And I am not allowing myself to leave the house, I always regret being in car, with all the bumps, noise, and inconvenience of getting in/out. 19 more days till 40week term today!


ashley - June 17

babysoon-that car ride may do the trick in getting labor started.. all the bumps and such........ I am only 34 weeks and I have a lot of pupic pain. this is my second and baby is laying pretty low in my pelvis as well. I got checked at 32 weeks and the doc could feel his head ha ha. (I was having some problems so they checked me to make sure no labor...


ralhun - June 20

When it is real you will know about it. There is no missing it. I had Braxton Hicks contractions for weeks before labour but as soon as labour started I knew what it was. Even though for the first 8 hours I had very mild pains so mild I was walking around the antiques fair.


babysoon - June 21

I am 38 wks today. For the last 5 days or so I have been having consistent tightness all day which I believe to be B-H contractions. It almost never ends; but I don't think it's true contractions (the kind I have to time). My husband did an internal check for me and said in the last couple of days my cervix feels much wider, he felt the baby move inside, and he said the consistency of the cervix feels softer, like that of a 'sea creature'. Haha! I guess that means soft... I have an appt. today and I'll find out if I've dilated any more, etc. I am sure I will know true labor pains, my bigger concern right now is with the B-H contractions. They're so frequent now and my stomach sometimes won't settle down, and then he'll kick on top of the contractions! Can't wait for him to be out...


piratesmermaid - June 21

I've been wondering if I should ask my husband to check my cervix for me, but I wasn't sure if I should. It's neat that he could at least give you that much information, babysoon. I may ask my husband after all... Your doctor didn't say he shouldn't, huh?


babysoon - June 21

To piratesmermaid: My husband did check me, and thought my cervix was wider. I had my exam today and it turns out I'm still 1 CM. So I guess it doesn't matter if your husband checks you or not, they can't interpret the results well, and I bet with our big stomachs, we couldn't either Good luck though.


piratesmermaid - June 27

Did you go to a childbirth cla__s yet? At ours they pa__sed around that 3D plastic example of what the cervix feels like at various stages of dilation. There is probably one in your doctor's office. My husband was really interested in it! Maybe that could help the husbands...


preggies3 - June 27

You will know when you are in labour. My feet were even more swollen than usual, and then when the contractions started let me tell you. They resemble my worst mentrual cramps which come in waves. Then when you are in active labor they almost feel as if they don't stop. I am in no way trying to scare you. But I remember how scared I was with my first and no one could tell me what it felt like or what it was similar to. I hope this didn't frighten you but that it helps. As far as the Tylenol, it wont phase you if your on Tylenol and the contractions start. Don't be afraid of the epidural though, don't try to be a billy bad a__s and refuse it. Just make sure that while on the epidural you can still feel your contractions enough to know when to push. The epidural should just be used to take the edge off the pain not to totally numb you to it. Good luck!



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