38 Weeks And Crampy

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madie - October 17

im 38 weeks pregnant on thursday, and for the last 24 hours, i have felt REALLY crampy. it started last night at around 9 o'clock, the only time i didnt feel it was when i was sleeping, and then it started again when i woke up and it has been going on ever since. Its pretty mild, and doesnt hurt to bad. Its mostly in my lower back but every now and then ill get a cramp in my tummy area. It feels like its gotten stronger over the day, but just a little bit.. my stomach isnt going hard ether, like my doctor said it should when i have a contaction.. so does anyone know whats going on?!


mariah - October 18

I hope someone answers. I have that too. My due date is yesterday and now it's early in the mornig and I have this cramp pull feeling in my lower left side of my belly. I'm not getting the contractions though,well sometimes just the braxton hicks ones. Anyone know if we should be worried or is this just the start?


madie - October 18

they just started getting bad...about 30 minutes ago i dont feel the pulling feeling in my tummy its mostly in my lower back


kimberley - October 18

I would say this is the early stages of labour. Try lying down, and timing how long between each one, and how long each lasts. Whenever I went into labour with my 3 children, I also got the urge to empty my bowel.....so if you have a bit of diareah(sp?) the body does this in anticipation of the baby coming through the birth ca___l.


Robin - October 18

I have the same exact feelings plus the contractions, but they are not regular. How much longer of this will I have to take before real labor comes.


Randi - October 19

Madie, I have been having cramping in my lower abdomen for three days now. I am also 38 wks. I went to the Dr. yesterday and I was only 1cm dilated. I wonder if maybe the crampy feeling is the cervix dilating. My stomach isn't getting hard like the Dr. said it would with a contraction either. Isn't it annoying?


Kimberley - October 19

Labour pains ARE the cervix dialating :D and are like period cramps, just a lot worse. That is why the pains are so painful, as the cervix opens allowing bubs to go through.



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