38 Weeks And Major Pain In Lower Right Back

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Brenda M - June 24

Hi everyone! I'm currently (38) weeks pregnant, and something weird has happened to me four times over the past two days. It doesn't matter whether I'm sitting, standing or walking--all of a sudden I get a terrible cramping pain on the lower right side of my back, and it's truly incapacitating. The cramp/spasm stays in my back and at the same time, I get pretty tight cramping in my lower belly. It happened twice yesterday, for about an hour each time, then today it happened twice but only lasted about ten minutes. The belly cramps are much like the Braxton Hicks that I've been experiencing the past few weeks, but this back thing is just AWFUL! Has anyone else had the back spasm, just on one side? And any ideas what it might be? Thanks in advance! Brenda


babysoon - June 24

I am 38 wks, 3 days pregnant. I have had horrible back pain lately. I can barely walk. Can't do the dishes anymore or lean 1 inch! It's totally rediculous; can't wait for this madness to be over. I have not had cramping pain on one side of my back like you, but I have constant lower back pain or burning pain. I seriously would call you doctor just to make sure you're okay and this is 'typical'. A word I've heard all too often, even when things are all too painful. It could be real contractions as in real labor, so call you doctor. If it starts to go away when you walk around, it's not real. Believe me, you couldn't get me to go through this pregnancy business again for a million dollars; it's absolutely horrible the last few weeks!


Brenda M - June 24

Babysoon...I completely know what you're talking about with plain old back pain--my belly is so big now that I can't even lean properly to spit toothpaste into the sink. I had one more of those right-side spasms tonight while we were watching a movie, but it only lasted five minutes or so. My husband thinks that the baby might be pressing against my sciatic nerve, but you're right--I probably should check in with the doctor just in case. Good luck during the next two weeks! Brenda


piratesmermaid - June 25

Hey Brenda, I'm 37 weeks, and I too have noticed pain just in my lower right back. It hasn't been as painful as yours sounds like, but I also don't really know why it's there. At first, I thought I was having kidney problems, because it's kinda in that area, but it goes away. My pain also comes on suddenly and will last for several minutes at a time. I don't know if it occurs the same time I get cramping though (last weekend I had to be put on a monitor because I thought I was leaking fluid, and I had contractions there, but didn't feel them). Does your baby perfer to sit on one side of your uterus? Mine does, and it's on the right side, so I'm thinking the pain could be caused from her increasing weight in one spot, possibly throwing off my balance even more and causing me to lean just a bit to my right, and it's that lean that is causing the pain just on that side.........I know the general low back pain too! No more dishes for me either! 'Course, I'm not really sad about that :)


Brenda M - June 25

Hi PiratesMermaid! Yes--my baby's b___t and legs have been on my right side for months now, and I think he's on a diagonal because when I get big movements up top on the right side, I get little bubbly movements down below on the left. Very weird. And when he moves, I get a big hump on the right upper side...sometimes it feels like he's going to pop right through the skin! In any case, I still don't believe it's true contractions, but it sure isn't fun! Good luck! Brenda


babysoon - June 26

Brenda - since yesterday or so I've had real bad back pain.....it's like a burning, tingling pain and it isn't ending. I really didn't do much around the house so I think it's the beginning of probably labor. It feels so sore around my lower spine, b___t muscles, and the pelvic area and I can't ignore the back pain. I'll let you know if I have that cramp like you have. This has got to end soon! I will be 39 weeks this Wednesday, in 2 short days...cmon babies get out of us already!!!!


piratesmermaid - June 26

Hey again, Brenda! I can totally relate! The diagnal and everything! My baby girl pushes up on my right side (I've also said that I think she's just going to burst through one of these days!) and yet her hiccups come from my lower left. Good luck to you too!!!


julesnac - June 27

hey girls, it sounds like you may be experiencing back labor. where the baby is lying face up (if you were to lay on your back) so that their head is pressing on your tailbone. i had it for 2 months with my oldest. if you know your baby is positioned this way, or even if you think, try to do some pelvic exercises or search for rotating exercises to do to turn them. back labor is not much fun and once the real contractions hit it will be so much worse! sorry if that isn't uplifting, just trying to be honest! hang in there! oh- and babysoon- I said the same thing about not having another one... guess what? i'm due 9/18 with my second :-) the joy erases these troubles eventually. good luck!


piratesmermaid - June 29

I had some spontaneous serious back pain last night (well, actually around 1:30 this morning). This was the first time it was so bad. I was trying to get out of bed to go to the bathroom, and as I was halfway standing up I was getting this VERY painful shooting-like pain from my lowest part of my spine, around the right side of my back and my pubic area. It took me three tries to get out of bed (I was pondering how bad I really had to go potty!)


kelbabe - June 30

i am 37 weeks and have had sciatica for about 3 months, it is very painful and goes down your legs and feet too, at first i had it on one side now i get it all over, it is because the baby is laying on a nerve. when you get this try walking around they say this is the best thing for it,


killians_mommy - September 5

i had the sharp pains like that for about a week and its faulse labor but every women is different so def talk to your doctor. just be lucky you can walk without wanting to cry haha between pelvic pressure, back pains and my hips i look like an old lady with a big belly!!! lol



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