38 Weeks And Working

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sapna - February 14

Quick question... I am 38weeks pregnant and still working!!! This is supposed to be my last week at work but told the boss I will be taking one day at time starting next week till the baby arrives - if not, I will drive myself crazy at home waiting to go into labor. How far along were you guys before you decided to go on your maternity leave???


shelly - February 14

I went on leave at 35 weeks, but I waitressed and was on my feet for almost 8 hours and sometimes we didn't get a break for long periods of time. I couldn't do it anymore, and my doctor put me on restrictions so my work put me on leave.


Erin - February 14

I worked until 38 weeks as well. The following week I was to go in, and theat morning my water broke!! Guess it was just meant to be that way. I was working a few days a week though for the last month. I felt that it was nice to rest, clean and get everything ready for my little one's arrival....although working gave me something to think about besides birth and when it was going to happen!! Good luck to you!


agtemt - February 14

With my first I was an emergency medical technician and was working on a busy city ambulance. I lifted and carried or transferred patients as usuall with no trouble. I worked up till 4 days before i was due. He ended up being 3 days late so it was exactly 1 week i was off before he arrived. With my second i was only working part time an di broke my toe 6 weeks before she was due so i had to take off for that


Monika - February 15

I'm 37 weeks and today is my first day on mat leave. I was going to work until I was 39 weeks, but my doctor requested I stop due to high blood pressure.


ashley - February 16

I worked past my due date- my son was due jan 4 (a Wed) and I worked the entire week- through Friday. Went into labor Sunday night and he was born at 12:28 am Tuesday almost a week late.


mom2bpetty - February 16

I'm still working and am due on MONDAY! I am already getting too antsy and can't focus on anything else except getting this baby out of me so my husband and I can see it! I am really afraid I'm going to be "past due."


divachic_136 - February 16

I started my maternity leave Monday (39 weeks)...and I am sitting at home bored to death because there is nothing to do. I go over my mommy's house everyday while my husband is at work.


Becky - February 17

I'm actually just over 40 weeks (baby was due Feb 15th but she's a bit late) and I'm still working. I think today was my last day. :)


Deb - February 22

I'm going to be done at 32 weeks. Theres so much around the house and with spring coming I can do yard work. I feel its the last time to just pamper myself before I put the little one first forever.



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