39 Wks 5th Baby Lord Plz Help

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love my babies - December 31

i am 39wks with my 5th child and i thought i knew it all.lol. leg cramps are so bad now that my leg will just start a kicking motion.everybody walks around me.i have no taste at all in my mouth.none.for 3 days now my back has hurt slight lower cramping.this is the 1st time of all the kids i have complained.i am still working my 60 hour week and takeing care of the house. don t think i can handle one more day!! any advice other then caster oil?plz plz.


salie - December 31

hey, have you tried walking alot? are you going to have a hospital or home birth? well good luck


kerrie - December 31

it sounds like ur bodys telling u to slow down if ur in that much pain i would talk to ya doc and try and get him to give u some pain killers or induce u i would also slow down with the working and house work i know its hard as im on my 4th myself and i get the same cramps and the pain in my abdoman gets so bad i carnt walk all my doc said to me was slow down and rest as mush as possible i would also try to have a hot bath with lavenda oil in it in the morning and at night befroe goin to bed its helped with my cramps . i hope this helps good luck im due 16 ,01, 05 let me know how it goes regards kez


KM - January 2

there really is nothing you can do.. I remember being in your exact situation a few wks ago..except with my first lol. try s_x, trhe prostglandins in s____n will help soften your cervix, also raspberry leaf tea is a uterine tonic and will help prepare your uterus a bit better. These are both safe and natural. uhmm walking.. I heard housework and stuff like vac_ming actually works for some ppl.I think you may need to limit the activities in your day so you are more rested for labour. keep in mind you are pregnant and need to slow down if possible. If you are going on maternity leave id look into taking it now and go have some time to yourself if possible. Ask your doctor for an induction if you are really that uncomfortable and misreable.. good luck :)


Nikki - January 3

You are exhausted and probably about ready to go into labor. I would see the doctor to make sure that you are safe. You should really consider going on early leave and letting some of the housework go. Let some of your older children help out as much as they can (if they are old enough). And make yourself get some rest, you will need it for labor!



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