3 Cm Dilated

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Lyndsay - January 14

How long can you stay dilated to 3 before you actually go into labor?


Jamie - January 17

With my last pregnancy, I was dialated at three for a month. This time. I am dialated at 3 again. Its been 2 weeks. I am ready to go. Anyone have clues on how to get it out of me?


kim - January 20

I was 2.5 at 33 weeks and was 5cm at 39 weeks when my Dr finally induced me that was with my 2nd. My first child I was told on a thursday I was 2 cm and delvered him on the following Sat. So I guess it depends on whether you are dialating and effacing at the same time.


Mommy2Kylie - January 23

I went into premature labor at 34 weeks and was in the hospital until I was 36 weeks. When I first got there at 34 weeks I was dialated at 2, when I left I was 3cm dialted, at exactly 38 weeks I had horrible cramps that felt like period cramps in the morning for about 5 minutes, then at 8:30pm my water broke, at 8:50 I had my first contraction, 5 minutes later I had another one, they took over my whole body and I couldn't stand up straight or even walk. From there on out they started coming 4, 3 and 2 minutes apart. I got to the hospital a little after 10:00pm that same night, and had my daughter at 10:50pm, so my labor was only about 2 hours. So I was dialated at 3 for 2 weeks until I had my daughter, but it of course varys.


Jamie - January 23

I am starting to think that he is never coming. I have tried calming my self down and telling my self "He'll come when he is ready" Everyday I feel like he is ready, but he's not. Full moon is on thrusday, isn't that a time when babys like to come? I was dialated like this with my last child, just dont remember hurting this bad. I am worn out, and ready to be normal again. I would also like to sleep for more than an hour at a time. It would be nice. Doc said it could be another two weeks. Is that really possible when I feel like he could shoot out of me at any minute? I have also had the period cramps, but mine have been for two days. It feels like I am ovualting constantly. I appreciate your message Mommy2Kylie.


Mommy2Kylie - January 23

No problem! How far along are you anyways? I was ready for my daughter to come when I was addmitted to the hospital. I was hooked up to IV's and everything, then they let me go home at 36 weeks (I had to be flown out) and I had her at exactly 38 weeks. My body hurt too and I had morning sickness all the way up until my 8th month. I was miserable! I hope he/she comes soon!


Jamie - January 23

I am 38 weeks. I am right along with you on the morning sickness thing. I just recently stopped throwing up every morning. I guess I am just excited and ready to move on. Maybe he is just being stubborn since I want it so much. Its a little boy. Scott is his name. After my husbands father. I hope your baby is healthy and strong? Are you enjoying it?


Mommy2Kylie - January 23

Maybe you'll have him soon! I had my daughter Kylie at exactly 38 weeks, and my friend had her daughter at 37. But maybe boys are more stubborn and wanna stay in longer!


Amy - January 23

It's not just boys that are stubborn. I'm having a girl and have been 3cm dilated for 2 weeks and 50% effaced for 1 week now. I lost my mucus plug 3 days ago and have tried everything to spur on contractions. I've tried s_x, nipple stimulation, walking, working out on the Gazelle (that ski machine), Metamucil, accupressure, and hot compresses to the b___sts. Still nothing.... I am scheduled to have my membranes stripped at my next doctors appt. on Tuesday and am crossing my fingers it works. This is my second child. My first I had to be induced a week early because of toxemia. So this time I was hoping for labor to begin naturally. I hope something works for you. I share your pain of just wanting to be a normal person again.


Jamie - January 24

Amy, Well, I had another trip to the hospital last night. I was having contractions 5 mins apart for 2 hours. I am group b strep +. So I feel the need to rush to the hospital when I have contractions that are steady. I want to make sure I get the antibiotics. But they stripped me last night. Its a bit painful, but they say its worth it. Nothing has happened so far. It happened at 10:00pm last night, and now its 10 am. I found a larger chunk of mucus this morning than usual. I have been loosing mucus since 24 weeks. Some people so not believe in "the stripping of the membrains", because its not natural. But on the other hand, if your body is ready (been contracting for 3 days now) and the baby is not, he might need a little boost. I have tried all the same things you have, except the Gazelle (I heard thats great!) I am extremly tired today, chasing around my 2 yr old boy. Maybe that will help move things along. But I have finally decided to be patient. One day, I will be normal again. I know my whole life is about to change again, but I am prepared this time. I think its going to be a great thing for my son to have a playmate. He sure is helpful (and distructive)! Oh yeah, Dialated at 3, 50%, -3, is where I stand now. Same as last week. Those will be the words that haunt me until I deliver. Babys in general are stubborn. Especially when they know we want it so bad. Just giving us a taste of how they will be when they get here I suppose. Good luck with your little girl Amy. I am having another boy. I hope everything works out "naturally" for you! I will keep you posted. <3 Jamie


Angela - February 4

Oh, trust me, I know how you feel. At 37.5 weeks I was 2 cm dilated and 75% effaced. At 39 weeks I was 3.5 cm dilated (4 cm when having a contraction) and 100% effaced, but it's been 4 days since then and baby still hasn't come. I've been having nonprogressing contractions for 2 weeks and couldn't possibly be more uncomfortable, especially while chasing around my 18 month old. Baby is due Sunday, I hope he isn't late. I've read a couple of stories about people who were up to 5 cm dilated without going into labor naturally. I, also, have tried the methods previously discussed for natural induction and have had my membranes stripped twice, but nothing works. I guess he moral of the story is, there's no way of knowing how long you could be dilated at 3 cm without going into labor. I wish there were. P.S. I've heard castor oil is sometimes effective, but I've also heard it isn't worth it and I wouldn't dare try it myself. Labor contractions are bad enough as is, why go into the process with intestinal cramping too?


cc - February 8

I've been 3 cm now 4cm & 75% effaced for a month and who knows how long before I was checked at my 35th week appt. She checked only because I asked to be checked as I was having a lot of brackston hicks...


sasha - February 9

i was 1 cm dilated for three weeks, then the dr "stretched" my uterus, not to be graphic, but she put her finger in there trying to open it more, that night i went into labour, just an idea for anyone wanting ideas, see if you dr will do that. good luck


michelle - February 11

i am currently 39weeks, 6 days. two and three days ago i was in the hospital for sharp pains. they put me on the monitor and checked my cervix. on the first check, it was 1cm. the next day (two days ago) it was at least 2cm. my contractions were 8min apart. for the past two days,.my baby has almost completely stopped rolling and moving like he was. is this a sign that i am very close?


trista - February 28

when ur 3 cm dilated does s_x,oil,and tea help.....im getting suck of being pregnant can anyone give me any suggestions about what to do to make the progress faster


trista - February 28

when ur 3 cm dilated does s_x,oil,and tea help.....im getting sick of being pregnant can anyone give me any suggestions about what to do to make the progress faster


Amy - March 15

Try eating fresh pineapple as it worked to help soften cervix and things happened that night. Plus it tastes good and is good for baby so not much to loose



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