3 Cm Dilated

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jenn - September 5

my docot told me i was 4 cm and 70%with contractions every 5 mins. they then were admitting me to hospitaland got delivery room ready and asked me if i had my pre-admitt package downstairs with the records dept.. i said no didnt know what they were talking about. so they said were gonna release you and go do paperwork and come back in hour. so i did paper work and went back like 3 hours later. come to find out when i went back now they say im 3cm and stilll 70%. and sent me home with percocet. now it's 2 days later i went last night and they say i'm borderlineto admitt. 3-4 cm and now 80%. i am also 39 weeks now. and still tring everything.


Kristie - September 12

With my first - I was 1 at 38 weeks. When I went in at 39 weeks, I was 3. I was delivering about 20 hours later.


Lorena - September 14

Hello lyndsay.. i also am 3cm dialated.. i have been to the hospital 2xs and still no change... ive tried walking, having s_x... adn still nothing.. im just waiting for this baby to come out of me on her own... i have a pain that cannot be described and it feels like my water is going to break but the doctor told me that it was nothing untill i feel BAD contractions.. good luck as for me as well..


Ashlie - September 17

I feel for alot of you ladies, my doc said that once im 34wks she will let me deliver if I go into labor, well I just so happen to go into labor 2 days before I was going to be 34wks and she sent me home with medication to stop labor, now she tells me that once im 3cm she will induce, but im also very big and having a large baby (they think around 9lbs)


april - September 19

I went to the doctor at 38wks and was at 1 the next day my water broke I went in and was at 4cm


mel - September 20

what exactly are you membrains


cc - September 20

your membranes is the sack filled with water that the baby is growing in (ruptured membranes is the same as the water breaking) The sack is very thick kinda like plastic tarp. I was at 5 cm for 3 weeks in my last pg and I tried everything to break it - nothing worked. eventually it busted on its own.


keylani05 - September 23

quistion: my cervix managed to efface to 75% in one week, now i have another 25% left to go, what happens when I hit 100%? iam 1 cm as of tuesday, will i dialate quicker?


jd - September 30

i am due today, ive been 3cm dialated for 2 weeks now, im starting to get scared that somethings wrong and thats why my babygirl hasnt come yet and the dr told me that he doesnt want to induce me bc its my first kid and there is no medical need to..WHAT DO I DO!?


meka - September 30

I went into labor at 32 week and the doctors stopped my labor with magnesium sulfate. I am now dialated to 3cm and 60% effaced. Does anyone know how long it will take for me to go back into labor, I am now 34 weeks.


vsri - October 12

I am 37 weeks pregnant and dilated at 2-3 cm since past one week and wondering how long can I stay like this.


Lori - October 13

I am 34 weeks and dilated to 2cm. With my first I was at 4cm for almost a month, just wasn't thinning out. I won't see my dr. till next week, so we'lll have to wait and see. I'd like to hold out for at least another 2 weeks.


nexy - October 25

I have opened to 3 so far and im 80 % thinned out and i get t least 5 to 6 contractions a day. This is my fifth baby amd im not being impatient but it is a little scary to think that they might induce me. I had that with my second son and it hurts.Im 40 weeks and i hope i go into labor on my own. They told me the baby weighs 8 pounds so far. my third was 9 pounds and my last was 7 pounds 14 ounces and i had them all natural, its the best way to go and fastest. Well wish me luck and good luck to everyone. By the way we have 6 boys were hoping this one is the girl.


nexy - October 26

i lost my mucus plug this morning, it was dark red and slimmy and alot. hopefully tonight or tomorrow morning. i drunk some raspberry tea yesterday i guess it works in some way. by the way its my due date. i'll keep you posted.


shel - October 27

I'm 38 weeks, 4cm and 100% effaced, and baby is at 0 station. Last week I was 3cm and 40% effaced, and baby was at -1. I want the baby to come when it's ready, but at the same time I'm going crazy waiting. I know I could walk around like this until past my due date. My doctor would have me think I'll be in labor any time, but I don't think that's necessarily the case. It's hard not to be anxious when I want to meet this baby so badly.


vsri - October 28

Hey Shel, What does it mean by by 0 station? I am 39 weeks and 3-4cm dilated. I have no idea how much effaced I am but my doc said that cervix is soft n looks favorable.



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