3rd Degree Tear

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San - October 5

Hi i was wondering if anyone has had a 3rd degree tear during labours. I had an episiotomy with my son 13 yrs ago,and during labour with my daughter 8yrs ago she ripped through my bowel muscle and i had to have surgery straight after delivery to be repaired. As my son was 8lbs and my daughter was 9lbs i cant understand why they didnt give me another episiotomy which could have prevented the bad tear. Im now 40+1 with my 3rd and last baby and they said they couldnt guarantee that i wouldnt rip my bowel muscle again so ive agreed to an elective episiotomy again. Has anyone had this prob cause i just want to know if they,ve had another baby afterwards if you ripped your bowel again. Going clinic 2mrw for a date for induction as the longer im pregnant the bigger the baby and risk.


Ashlie - October 5

I had between a 3rd and 4th degree, it tore up everything, my son decided to come out head and both shoulders at the same time, I had an epidural, thank goodness, but it took them a couple hours to st_tch me up. I guess I was "squirting" blood (tmi - sorry) but I was sore for at least 2 months after I had my son. Now I am due to have my 2nd little guy soon and hopefully I dont tear again.


san - October 6

hi Ashlie well suppose one of us will find out, ive just had my induction date for tues and im also having a boy. Ive never had an epidural just the gas but i was considering one this time as the midwife said if i do tear it will be a bit better for me to be numb underneath. The only thing im worried about is they said id have greater chance of them having to use forceps or vacc_m, did you have to have any of these? i also bled terribly and was in theatre a few hours and they said i needed a transfusion the next day but they changed their minds and sent me home with 15 pills a day to take. Could you tell me if an epidural is worth it, thanks.


Ashlie - October 6

San - Well I wont find out what happens for at least another month, as I am not due til Nov 2nd. When I went in, I had my water broke and then walked the hospital for 5hrs before I went into hard labor, a hour later or so I had an epidural and then they started pitocin to help me dialate faster. I would say if you dont want an epidural but are worried about the pain underneath, you can ask about a block, its a numbing shot they give you in your "area" and it only numbs that part. I was told by my doc that I was very lucky I chose to get the epidural because of how bad it was down there, but as soon as that epidural wore off, man was I in the worse pain. and of course they want you to go to the bathroom, which was the worst. I didnt need a forceps or vacc_m, as I was able to push him out on my own, but I couldnt feel anything so I pushed a little too hard and thats how he came out almost all at once. But like we always say, it hurt like heck but we'd do it again. and sure enough here we are having our 2nd babies. So the pain wont kill ya but living with it is what stinks. I bled so bad with my son while they were st_tching me I kept blacking in and out. But let me know how it turned out of you. good luck! you only have 4 whole days to go! YEA!!!


SAN - October 7

ashlie- i thought i was going in yesterday had pains regular but they only lasted 3hrs. This is actually my 3rd pregnancy and i think i had the numbing shot just before the episiotomy as they give you that before they bring the scissors out (ouch) i had a show 15 days ago and keep gettin some cramps but as soon as i go the loo they dissappear, dont know bout you but has your bowel ever been the same since the tear? sometimes i when i go the loo i cant feel the sensation as much and my gyni said thats a common problem. Ive always been proud of myself for not having an "accident" in labour but im dreading this one. Got some cod liver oil today and im going to take a few spoons of it just so i can empty my bowel before D day. Hope your feeling ok apart from heavy haha, let me know how you are. san


Ashlie - October 7

San - Yeah my bowels havent been the same since I had my son, sometimes its like I didnt even go at all but then there it is. lol and other times I really have to push and then my bowels are real tiny. Its really wierd.But I was having regular contractions Wednesday night but they ended up going away. I hate when that happens. Im really worried about having an accident when in labor too, as with my first son I knew when I was going to have him because I was being induced so I didnt eat anything most of the day before and before I left for the hospital I tried to empty myself out. I cant believe you only have 3 whole days before you get to meet your little bundle of joy. Im wondering if the cod liver oil is going to make your go into labor? You can always wish right? lol Im almost positive that I am going to be induced with this little guy, cuz I have a very stubborn cervix so it doesnt even pay for me to try to self induce, lol. Let me know how things are progressing and I cant wait to hear how things went with the labor!


san - October 7

Ashlie- gosh your reply was quick,lol. well im takin the oil in a minute so let you know if it empties you haha. knowing my luck il be bunged up till tues them pebble dash everywhere on Tues haha. If you want to e-mail me direct my address is [email protected], that way i can let you know the gory details! chat to you soon, take care san.x


Ashlie - October 10

San - YOU ARE HAVING YOUR BABY IN LESS THAN 2 DAYS!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!! Yea! I am soo happy for you and can't wait to hear all about it. I still have at least 3 wks to go, So I have been working and trying to save up as much money as I can! Hope everything is going good! Talk to you soon!!!


san - October 10

Hi Ashlie, well this is my last posting till babys ere,im nervous and feel sick at the minute. Just been packing my bag and one for the kids as their staying at their nans. Been a bit tearful mainly cause i have such horrible and long labours plus i will miss my daughter as she,s never been away from me. Dont think il sleep tonight,doesnt stop my partner snoring though haha. Just hope i come home asap,and im gonna ask about epidural anything will be better than feeling that tearing inside if i tear badly again. Anyway soon as im home il let you know how it went,take care of yourself and enjoy the last weeks of quietness haha, san. x


Ashlie - October 10

San- I understand completely what your going through. I was the same way the day before my day of induction, I was soo sick I didnt even eat, which was nice cuz then I didnt have any accidents, but you will do great! Cant wait to hear from you!!!


Ashlie - October 12

San - You had your baby yesterday!!! I hope everything went good! Cant wait til you get home and hear all about it!! My doc gave me the "OK" to naturally induce today, she told me castor oil and s_x.. lol


Ashlie - October 16

San - Im getting worried about you girl. Whats going on? I hope everything went well.. Hopefully everything did and you are just really busy with your new baby! Hope to hear from you soon.!!!!!


san - October 17

Hi im back. didnt come out till today. Tried inducing me tues but the pessary didnt work so at the night they tried again still no go. Ive been walking round that bloody hospital for 3 days,then midnight thurs they decided to break my waters which also took 3 attempts as the bag was near babys head,eventually they managed it so i sat in the rocking chair having contractions on and off till about 7am. My cervix was still only 3cms by then so they got the surgeon who suggested the drip. I was put on that and checked again at 2pm and was only 5cms so they gave me a bigger dose and about 5pm was checked again. By this time i felt like a bloody stuffed turkey, and i still didnt have any pain relief. They turned the dose up again and this time i grabbed the gas. It was just like a constant wave of pain non stop,the midwife said when i felt like pushing let her know as she needed me be really focused and not to push when she said cause if i did i would tear again in my bowel. At 6.45 i started pushing and after 2 of them she was telling me to stop but i couldnt fight the urge,then i remembered what she said and even though i was high on gas i knew i had to fight it so i was panting like mad,then on the next one she done the episiotomy and 1 push later i delivered. I had to laugh though as she said my last 2 deliveries at the pushing stage i was really quick but with this one i was only 10mins and she was flapping about running round for scissors and stuff shouting at the other midwife to hurry. Anyway had baby Ryan at 7pm weighing 8lb 6oz. During the st_tches the surgeon had to put a long probe in my back pa__sage to see if i had tore again and i hadnt. So really it was controlling the pushing and even though it was hard to stop the urge i knew it was either fight it or have my bowel ripped again. Anyway let me know how you are. x


Ashlie - October 17

San!!!! I am soo happy to hear from you, I cant believe it took that long to have him. I guess he really didnt want to come out. That is soo wierd my first son was born 10-14-03 and I named him Ryan. It is such a cute name. I have been feeling really yucky for the past three days and today I swear I am going to end up going in, my stomach has been soo upset and crampy feeling I constantly feel like I have to go poo but I never do. I am soo happy you didnt tear again. How is it with your little one? I bet you are soooo happy. I cant wait to have mine, If I dont go tonight then I see my doc on wednesday and im going to talk to her about inducing. keep me updated on how he is doing, I know you are going to be very busy! so you can email me whenever you get the chance! [email protected] take care and CONGRATS!!!!!


m - October 19

I had a 3rd degree tear with my first son. He was 9lbs 15 1/2ounces. I was in labor with him for 20 hours, and pushed for 3 1/2. And they literally ripped him out of me with the forceps causing me to tear from top to bottom.Yeah and i was wondering this time how it will be. I am due with a baby girl in a few weeks, and I am afraid that it will rip right down where it did again because it already ripped once. God was it painful afterwards. I had to sit on a b__w up "doughnut" for like a month and a half! YUCK


Ashlie - October 19

Well GOOD NEWS, my induction is scheduled for next week wednesday!! So unless I have him before then, I will be having him on the 26th!! YEAH!! San, I will have to let you know how it goes, I had an US done today and he is already a little over 8lbs!! and my son was 8lb 1.1oz so Im really scared about tearing again seen as he is prolly going to be around 9lbs. Ill let you know how things go.


Ashlie - October 20

San - Im not sure if I got your email, I just checked and I didnt have anything, you can try sending it again if you would like. Mast_tous?? Ouch!!! You poor girl, and I know all about the stinging, thinking about it brings back alot of memorys. I can't wait to be able to roll over with one go and not have to stop half way in between. The only thing im not looking forward to is the stinging and the engourment I had with my b___bs from nursing. Well I cant wait to tell you how everything went! I hope you are enjoying your time with Ryan! Take care talk to you soon!!



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