3rd Time More Easier Unforgetable Births

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4buzybeez - December 3

hi ladies. do you think its true what they say about 3rd labor is much harder than the rest? or is labor much easier with each kid? has anyone had a bad labor that they can never ever forget in their whole life?


ldominici312 - December 4

I am pregnant with my third and hope all goes well. My first was hell. I was due the 25th of Dec. Started having labor contractions on the 18th and didn't have him until early morning on the 20th. My second was post term by nine days. I was due on the 20th of November and I was again having false labor 2 weeks prior. Including back "false" labor pains. Which were very painful. Then finally my doctor decided to induce me on the 29th and i was actually in labor when i was registering at the hospital. Her heart rate dropped and they had to perform an emergency c-section. Recovery for me was the worst because I have a low tolerance for pain. I am now pregnant with my third and am hoping for a miracle vbac. Because i dont want to get cut again. Im due on Jan 22nd, so I'll let you know how it went....lol.


4buzybeez - December 6

wow ldominici312 your due next month! you must be so nervous and excited at the same time!! Like you i also had a very long labor with my first child. my contractions started at 9pm and lasted until 5.18pm the next afternoon when my son was born. i had to have an epidural and a__sisted forceps delivery with him. i was only 16yr at the time, they tell me to push and i didnt know how or when to push! With 2nd labor i was induced at 38weeks cos baby wasnt growing inside of me and Dr think its better for it to survive out here. i had her in 30 mins of the induced being set in. my parents inlaw asked the nurse when will i have the baby and the nurse esimated not until afternoon so they said to my husband to call them when its near time, and went home, hubby also decided to move the car incase he gets fine. he came back about 5-10mins later and i was already pushing! it was about 20mins of pushing and my daughter was born! no drugs at all, even tho i screamed for some! 3rd time around i wasn't so lucky. my son refused to come out or down! he was sitting way up high and the Dr had to put his hand up to feel and his hand was way up!! it was very painful! i end up with a__sisted vacuumed delivery with no drugs. i am hoping and praying that this pregnancy and labor with go smoothly. it will be my last baby and i want it to be a memorable birth. keep us updated on your progress! have you think of a name for bub yet?


austynsmommy - December 10

I would think that it would be easier. My first was 5 hours of labor and one hour pushing and my second was 2 hours labor and 3 pushes and he was out. I am ttc my third and last baby. Good luck



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