4 Days Overdue No Signs Why

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lisa - October 26

please help im going mad, when will my body kick into gear, i cant get castor oil round here and im so fed up, tried everything, nothing works.


Bonnie - October 26

I read only 5% go into labour on their due date and that the normal times are up to 2 weeks before and after the due date. You sound pretty frustrated, is it really rough at the end? I was just curious so I know what to expect (I'm 28 weeks now). I'll cross my fingers for you Lisa, I'm always on the look out for your posts!


lisa - October 26

hi bonnie, its weird, in your head you know about the due date thing and its normal to go over but untill your date youve got something to aim for, now i feel like whats going on, just day after day not knowing i start to believe my body isnt capable! good luck for you, hope you go early or on time, i guess others would deal with it better but ive never been very patient anyhow and been wanting a baby since i was like 6 years old!


Lisa - - - October 28

You're not really overdue until after 42 weeks. Your body is capable, it only feels like it isn't. Often it happens when you least expect it, so sit down and relax. Try to rest. Good luck.


k - October 29

e-bay you can buy anything on their


lisa - October 29

cheers K but i managed to get some from a town nearby.


fannie - October 29

look take it easy i am 41 weeks and feel the same as you just wait like i am good luck


C - October 29

I found once I turned 36 weeks I was so uncomfortable. The last month the times just seems to go so slow. I was 4 days overdue and only 1 cm. dilated, 0% effaced. I'm not sure how much longer I would have been pregnant because my doctor suggested being induced. My blood pressure kept spiking and she was afraid for me and the baby. They will do a stress test on you, if they haven't already, and it'll tell them if they need to induce you or not. I'd suggest waiting if you can. I had a really hard labor and I attribute it to being induced before my body and my baby were ready. Unless you only had s_x once the month you conceived you really don't know your exact due date. Just sit tight and your bundle of joy will be here before you know it. I can't believe my son is already 6 months.


lisa - October 30

thanks C, im still here 8 days over now, really dont want to have to be induced tue, but have to for my sanity, praying to god it comes naturally today or tommorow? send me hope please, im 50%effaced 2cm dilated and central, midwife says im ripe and look like on the edge of labour but nothing but twinges


Deb - October 30

I am 40 weeks 2 days today, I have tried almost everything but nothing seems to work, just let Mother Nature to do her own thing with your little one.. enjoy this last few days with yourself and your partner because once your baby is born you won't have much chance to do so. Try to be patient and enjoy it.. I know is hard because is hard on me as well but just few more days and it will be all over. Good luck!


lisa - October 30

thanks deb, i would enjoy the last few days with dh, but im considering divorce at the mo, we have a c___p relationship, hes like a moaning wet lettice, thanks for the advice though



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