5 Cm Dilated 90 Effaced

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moodylilbrat25 - July 3

Okay Im just wondering.. Im 5 cm dilated and 90% effaced and have been for 3 days now, How long does it usually take for you to dilate more then that. I have contractions about 5 mins apart for 2hours but then they stop? I dont understand.


KellynJ - July 3

girl, I saw your post saying you've been dilated for over a month and 1/2, no wonder your name is moodylilbrat.. I've had contractions so hard it puts me in tears.. and then in just a lil while.. poof, they slowly go away, I am so tired of having these contractions, i just want them to come and stay so I dont have to be in pain anymore, how far along are you? My mom told me that she was dilated 2cm for a week. I guess everyone is different. Im suprised you've been dilated 5cm for 3 days and still nothing. I hope you can get a good answer


GLORIA - July 3

Good Heavens girlfriend you need to find that dr and hospital and file a complaint. I heard that they're not allowed to let you go once you've dialated to a 4. Holy moly! Your at a 5? That's halfway there. I dream of the day. Have you lost your mucous plug. I heard you usually lose it by the time you dialate to a 3. I did with my two little guys. Now I am expecting #3 and am frantically awaiting for my mucous plug to show. Good luck. All pregnancy and labor progresses differently so it's hard to say. Have a safe labor and delivery and good luck with your little one. God Bless


ashley - July 3

you are lucky! If you are already 5 cm dilated and haven't really started the hardcore labor you are in for a treat! They say the hard parat is getting to 4! i know for me it was with my first. I would be asking if he could move things along though!


livdea - July 4

one of my girlfriends was 5 cm dilated and 100% effaced...pretty much just like you...for three weeks. I thought that was crazy but guess it happens! I so so so hope you don't go for three weeks! Have you tried walking and ma__saging your pressure points? That might help since you are so close! GOOD LUCK!


yvette215 - July 14

I understand how you feel , I am also 5 cm dilated its been 2 weeks. the dr said that i wont make to the next visit, well guess what i made it to that visit. Still nothing


maureenb29 - March 6

Yes, I am wondering too. I know this question is a little old but it was the only thing like what I am currently experiencing! On the 24th of feb. Lost mucus plug. On the 1st I went for check up at about 36 1/2 weeks and he said I was a 3 but "high up". I then had light contractions but nothing major and nothing else going on. I went in yesterday March 5th and I was already dilated a 5cm w/some contractions. They kept me in labor & delivery for 3 hours to monitor then sent me home. I have some pressure low and cramping every now & then but nothing consistant! I don't understand!! When will my water break?? How much longer can I expect this to go on? I am SOOOO ready. He said he would induce at 38 weeks which is MOnday if no baby, but I can't help going crazy for the next 4 to 5 days!!


cindernar - March 8

***jealous*** Hope you go soon! Oh, and that happened to me with my other son with the contractions. I remember being so frustrated because I thought I was going into labor, and then they would stop. But at 5 cm, you can't be far off.



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