6cm 100 Effaced Still Not In Labor

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kokomorose - November 3

At my 38 week appt. 6 days ago, I was dilated to 6 cm, 100 % effaced, and the baby is at +1 station. Is anyone else out there walking around like this? I can't figure out why I'm not going into labor...


alirenee86 - November 4

No, sorry. I'm the opposite. I'm 1cm and hoping to progress more soon! So you're not having contractions you mean?


Tory1980 - November 4

Technically you are in labour! Why aren't you in the hosptial? Anything over 4cms here is seen as active labour, with the effacement complete and +1 station that baby is coming! If there isn't regular contractions etc then you may need some sort of intervention. Have your waters gone yet? Is your cervix posterior or anterior? I had a silent labour with my first baby - only went to the hospital to get checked due to a 'funny colour' after I went to the toilet. I was 34weeks. I got there to be told I was 6cms dilated the 'funny colour' was probably my waters since they had gone and I was completely effaced. Until I hit about 9 cms I had no pain at all (I only wish all my labours were like that) and I dilated very very fast. If anything changes - even a st_tch in your side that comes and goes go to the hosptial! Good luck - you little one will be here soon enough!


kokomorose - November 4

Alirenee86--I'm having contractions, but they aren't regular and they'll build up to being pretty hard, but I never have more than 2-3 really hard ones in a row before they stop. You said you're only dilated to 1 cm--how soon are you due? Tory1980--No, my water hasn't broken. I'm not sure about the cervix being posterior or anterior... Wow, no pain until 9 cm. Maybe all this means I'll have an easy labor! So how long did you have painful contractions before the baby came? I did a LOT of walking today, so I'm hoping something will happen tonight. And I have another Dr.'s appt tomorrow. So what will they do if I'm dilated to 7 or 8 and my water hasn't broken? Do you think they'll induce me?


alirenee86 - November 6

Wow, Tory, that's awesome you didn't really feel anything until 9cm's. That's great and I hope I'll be the same...kokomorose, you may be too if you're that dialated! I walked a lot last night too and I have a dr. appt today and really hope to be more dialated and I'm not seeing much indication of anything at this point! I'm due November 13th, so any day now!! I really, really don't want to be induced. I think all of our bodies know when to do this all on their own and we're just anxious. Unless there's a real medical reason, I hope none of us have to be induced. Kokomorose, sounds like you're going to go any day now!. Best of luck:):)


magali - January 30

i'm 5 cm dilated and 100% effaced baby is -1 and no baby yet so i dunno!


Cevvin - January 30

Koko, if you dialate anymore i would think that they would put you in the hospital and atleast break your waters to see if that would start contractions, and if that doesn't work, im sure pitocin. Press on the doctors becuase sometimes they can be stubborn.


kokomorose - January 30

Cevvin--They finally said they would induce if I wanted it but they advised waiting at least until my due date. I ended up going 8 more days before I went into labor and my son was born exactly on his due date. I still had about 8 hours of labor. He was 9lb. 2 oz and though I survived without meds...I think next time I might ask for an epidural. :) But I just had no idea one could be walking around completely effaced and 6 cm dilated for 14 days!


Cevvin - January 30

wow im amazed, congratz on the little one.


kokomorose - January 30




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