8lb 3oz Ultrasound 38 Weeks Doctor Won T Induce

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babysoon - June 21

Please advise. I had my weekly appt today at 38 weeks and she said the baby was measuring at 40 weeks, so she sent me for an ultrasound. They found out he's about 8 lbs 3oz at 38 wks and she won't induce me. I am still 1 cm / 50% effaced I believe, but that can change rapidly. I know after 37 weeks his lungs are working well and he's big enough - so what's the issue? Is this just a liability thing? I remember my doc saying once I get to 40 weeks and he's found to be okay with the ultrasound, she'll induce at 41. But that seems an eternity for an already 8lb 3oz baby. IS IT MORE A MATTER OF WEEKS, OR A MATTER OF HOW BIG HE IS? (GIVEN I'M BEYOND THE CRUCIAL 37 WEEK MARK). Thanks for your help!!!


Danielle19 - June 21

ultrasound is more often wrong about baby weight then right and dr usually won't induce before 39 weeks especially if baby is healthy i have gestational diabetes and my doctor isn't even inducing until 39 weeks because if they happen to be a week off on your due date babies lungs might not be ready you don't want to take the chance especially if baby is healthy


babysoon - June 21

I know 100% for a fact that my LMP was on the date I told my doctor and she calculated my due date from that. So that's 100% accurate, so I am 38 wks. today. I know ultrasounds can be wrong about weight, but my fundal height is measuring 40 weeks at 38. But I am more concerning with this....let's say he is bigger than normal, will she still have to wait until 41 weeks to induce? (Given I don't go into labor by myself or my water breaks...) The nurse said most doctors can induce at 39, but my doctor and her a__sociate's usually like to wait until 41. That's just insane to me given he's big already....


ashley - June 21

wow... well i've been measuring "2 weeks ahead" the whole time. I've never been sent in for an U/S except for the routine one at 20 weeks which showed my little one about 2 weeks ahead, though I am sure of conception. I know that they usually don't like to induce first time moms for what ever reason. If she wasn't going to induce you though, why bother sending you for the u/s?


babysoon - June 21

The reason she ordered the u/s for me was because she wanted to check the amniotic fluid levels and make sure it was normal (which it was) and she also wanted to check his weight to make sure it wasn't over 5000g, which is 11 lbs! Which he wasn't of course, otherwise I'd be having a c-section right now. She also thought she heard a dip in his fetal heart rate, but it was okay I believe. I guess she was ruling out amniotic / weight problems which would mean immediate action. Well I know for a fact she'll induce at minimum, at 41 weeks, even though I am a first time mom. I just hope my water breaks sooner than that, or something happens! :)


AmandaManns - June 21

Well hopefully you will go into labor on your own, but my doctor always told me that they will not induce based on weight. Although I was induced at 39 weeks for no particular reason at all my son was still 10 lbs!!! The doctor was not expecting him to be this big but really I enjoy having a nice big healthy baby, plus he was a hit at the hospital, it was almost like no one had ever seen or heard of a 10lb baby.


babysoon - June 22

I just had a burning sensation, checked and there was a little yellowish creamy discharge. Not a lot, but it was enough to notice. It was slightly mucous-like so I a__sume that's part of my plug. I really hope this is the start of something. At least it gives me hope!!! I'm trying to be optimistic...it's only 13 days till my due date and 20 days until the 41 week induce time. Hopefully the baby wants out before then!!! :-)


Olivene - June 24

babysoon, please try to be patient. You know for sure your LMP dates, but are you sure of when you ovulated? Could be different than is typical. My baby is measuring quite big, too. 5.5 pounds at 33 weeks, but I won't ask for induction because in first time moms it leads to c-section so often. Hang in there! It will be okay!


Kvictor - June 26

I know exactly how you feel. I've been measuring big as well as my doctor knowing this is a big baby. She said that she would consider inducing early because of this. I am now 39wks 2 days and at my last appointment she said that she would decide this week. This week doesn't make much of a difference since I'm due this week. I'm just hoping that she will not let me go over. Hang in there because we don't have much longer. I know right now it's easier said than done.


Kris K - June 26

I'm a mother to three children all natural. Never induced. I am expecting Baby #4. I have been told in my last pregnacy being induced is not going to be comfortable at all. It's better to wait and natural for your body. My last baby was 9lb 4 oz. and every extra day the baby has inside is better for the baby. Just be patient I know the end is always the hardest.


julesnac - June 27

i agree. try to be patient and let your body do what's right for you and the baby. i was 40w 5d with my first when i asked them to induce because he was 1) a big baby and 2) posterior so i had awful back labor, i just couldn't take it anymore. after being induced, i wound up with a c-seciton. i have read overwhelming evidence of inductions leading to sections and if nothing else more painful contractions. i definitely had worse back labor after the pitocin. i am due 9/18 with my second and am going to do everything possible to not have to be induced again. try not to worry about the size. women give birth to big babies- yes naturally- all the time. good luck!!


preggies3 - June 27

Wait til next week and start trying to induce labor. Watch a scary movie, eat some spicy food, then try having s_x with a lot of play on the nipples. No I am not being perverted but thats what I did with my second baby and I went into labor about an hour after trying to have s_x. I mentioned the nipple play because for my last two kids (inknowingly) my husband did a lot of it and the doctor says that it actually helps my uterus contract. Good luck!


babysoon - June 28

I am now 39 weeks and have an appt. later today. Unfortunately I am still 1 cm dilated but I know that can change quickly. I don't care what pain is a__sociated with being induced - I can't take it any longer. The back pain has gotten so bad I can't lean 1 inch or pick up absolutely anything! I am living in sheer hell & I am an emotional wreck. I am basically going to beg my doctor to induce me early; I just can't deal with this pain any longer. I absolutely hate pregnancy and it will never happen again as much as I want this baby. And no, I will not change my mind later!


Daniella - June 28

babysoon- awww, hang in there!!! my story was the opposite. The fundal height started going down with mine. At 36 weeks it measured 36 exact as it had been.. then at 37 weeks it measured 35 weeks.. then at 38 weeks it still measured 35. They figured the baby stopped growing or something. I had my baby at 39 weeks 5 days and he was perfectly healthy at 7lbs. 8oz. Sometimes the fundal height can be off also as you get closer to your due date. Your may be still high because the baby isn't fully engaged yet. Dont worry! (I know, easier said then done)... your baby will come at any time now!! It felt like eternity for me once I hit 38 weeks and especially when I hit 39. Felt like I was never going to have him. Well... YOU WILL!!! I promise you that. My back pain got worse after I gave birth. I just gave birth 7 weeks ago and the back pain still hasn't gone away. Quick question... what made your dr. do an ultrasound?? DId you go in with complaints?? Also, I lost my plug at 32 weeks. Unfortunately that has no weight on when you'll go into labor. BUT, you will soon!!! I knew my exact date of conception also. Good luck babysoon!! and hang in there!!!


Daniella - June 28

babysoon- Did you get your membranes swept?? If not, you should ask your doctor to sweep your membranes. I went into labor 2 days after that. Well, my water broke so I went to the hospital. Didn't go to the hospital because of contractions. In fact, I never had any.. that had to give me pitocin to get me to contract. I was 4 cm when I went in and was 3 cm for 3 weeks before then.


Been There - June 28

Babysoon, what happened at your appointment? I'm sorry you feel so bad. I know it feels like an eternity, I was overdue once before too. No pregnancy has ever lasted forever. It will be over soon. Just hang in there and try to remain calm. The baby will come and it will all be fine very soon.


CJacobs - September 20

Sorry to hear of your troubles babysoon! Hubby and I just went for checkup at 38 weeks and found out our little boy is at 8lbs 5 ozs. Our doc did say that sonograms tend to overestimate. After examining my cervix, he said that I was not favorable at all for labor. We had the decision of whether to wait and see if he'd come naturally or to induce next week at 39 weeks 2 days. We decided inducing would be the best thing. My blood pressure is getting a little high and the doc said that babies tend to gain about 1/2 lb a week from here on out. We are going in Monday night and they're going to put that cream in to ripen the cervix. Then we'll go from there. You may be like myself and my mother. Some women just need to be prodded into actual labor. I was 3 weeks overdue and was 11 lbs. So I think it's part hereditary with labor and birth weights. You may want to see what sort of labor your mother had and that might give you an indication of whether inducing is right for you. Bring this up with your doc at your next visit. Good luck!



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