90 Affaced And Confused

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Mybabynme - May 18

Im 18 years old and this is my first baby. i am 38 1/2 weeks pegnant . i went to my doctors today and he finally checked my cervix. N said i am 90% afffaced no dialation and the baby head is at zero station.. I guess that mean that he's ready to go.. I feel like i should kno more.. about what is happening.. After he checked me he said i would bleed a lil from all the pressure.. did he rupture my membranes am i losing my mucus plug. at first the blood was a lil red but now it turned brownish... what should i expect to happen next??


pania - May 18

First of all if you dont understand what your doctor is saying to you, it is your right to ask and have him/her explain in a way that you understand. Dont let them make you feel stupid because you dont understand, its obvious you dont know its your first baby. Second, I dont even understand any of that apart from you not being dialated. Im on my third pregnancy and Ive never heard the other terms used in pregnancy. So once again, dont be shy... you have the right to understand what is happening to your own body, and it is his or her responsibility to make sure you do understand!!!! Good Luck!!


Amanda R - May 18

If you're not dilated then there isn't anything that he COULD have done to you (i.e stripping the membranes-- you have to be at least 2 cm dilated to do that and you have to be dilated for him to break your water-- which you would know...they use a big 'ol crochet hook-type instrument. 90% effaced means that you only lack 10% of your cervix being completely thinned-- as thin as it will get. At 0 station the baby is well engaged into the pelvis. The scale slides from -5 (floating above the pelvis) to +5 (at which point the baby is CROWNING at the opening of the v____a). You will most likely eventually stop bleeding. He probably just irritated your cervix with the internal. It is not uncommon to bleed after an internal (especially at this late stage) and he might have tried to open/stretch your cervix in hopes of it kick-starting labor. It sounds like your body is very much preparing for labor...all you lack is the dilation. I agree with Pania. If you don't understand something-- ask your Doc what he's doing. We can't tell what they're doing when they have their fingers up in there. Just ask.


yungmama - May 18

I'm pretty sure +5 is floating above the pelvis and -5 is when the baby is crowning. I could be wrong though.


kayla_shauntel_05 - May 18

+5 station is crowning, -5 is floating above the pelvis, that is what i was taught in nursing school anyways



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