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Heather - January 21

I was wondering if any of you were able to make it through your labor w/o an epidural. If so, what was your progress at the beginning, station, dilation, station ect? I go on moday and I'm stressed.


Shannon - January 21

are they putting you on pitocin?


Shannon - January 21

i'll tell you my story..... it was the day after my due date with no sign the baby was coming, only 2 cm dialated, and i had an appointment. the doc asked if i' like to get my membranes stripped. i said yes. 30-45 mins later my water broke. i wasn't feeling any contractions or pain so i waited like 4 hours before i went to the hospital. a couple hours after i was there they put me on pitocin and gave me a sleeping pill so i'd be able to rest since it was late. i had some very mild contractions as i fell asleep. i woke up feeling awful and went to the bathroom asap, where i threw up AND had diahhrea. the contractions were very painful then. i started begging for medication. the nurses checked me but i was still only 3 cm dialated and my contractions weren't very regular, so i couldn't get an epidural. many agony-filled hours pa__sed and i still wasn't dialating much. i think it was my own fault cuz i'd tense up and grip the bars on the bed until i thought they'd break off. i should've relaxed and i think i'd have sped things up more. after all my begging the nurse offered me a shot of staidall which i gratefully accepted. it made me relax and fall asleep and when i woke up there was a nurse there with the most soothing voice i'd ever heard and she helped me keep relaxing. when i was completely awake i started asking about an epidural again. so they checked me and i was 10 cm dialated and ready to push! compared to the contractions the pushing was nothing. i only tore a little bit.


Alison - January 21

I was induced with my first at 5 days post due date. I was 2 cm and 50 % effaced. I was started on an IV and Pitocin at 7:30 am had my water broken by my doc at 8:00 and then the contractions really started coming one after the other. I can remember lying on my side, gripping the bars on the bed with one hand and holding my face in the other hand from the pain. I just didn't have time to recover from one contraction before another came. All in all, this only lasted about 30- 45 minutes because when my nurse checked me at 8:40 am I was dilated 4.5 cm 90% effaced and got my epidural. After that, it was a piece of cake and I could relax and "enjoy" the rest of labor and be well rested for pushing when time. I'm due in four weeks with my second and I'm hoping there is no induction simply because I think the contractions are stronger and faster with no real recovery time in between. Good luck to you and remember to make sure you and your labor nurse communicate well and she knows exactly what you want and when.


Erica - January 21

Hi Heather, Well I went through a induction using pitocin without epidural (our hospital does offer them) ne ways, i went in at 4pm and i was only about 2 cm, 90 effaced, so after about mmm 4 hours contractions got a bit worse so i started on one of those exercise b___s, those are awesome.. the contractions I could feel but they were more bothersome than painful... then at about 12 am they started hurting something fierce I was on the bed just stirring around in pain. at 2 am I hit transition and Ive never felt painlike that in my life I think I could of gotten run over and not of noticed cause what i was feeling was way worse. and i did everything possible to try and distract or make it somewhat bareable, hot shower, bouncing ball ne thing. I was actually wanting to be knocked out, within five min they injected 5 diff things into my iv so it would take the edge off the contractions, demoral, etc.. didnt do a thing just made me feel drunk. then at about 4:50 am i finally had the urge to push, and its true what they say you know when you wanna push. the doc said i could at about 5:54 and he was out two pushes later he just about flew out i had a third degree tear.. but i didnt even care it was an instant releif. They stiched me up afterward and i didnt even need the number after all that pain i could of had a hammer to the hand and not of blinked. hope this helps lol i tried not to scare you, and just be honest if you have ne more q's just ask. :)


Heather - January 22

Thank you girls for your stories. I was at 3 cm, 0 station and almost completely effaced on friday when they stripped my membranes. I had a few mild contractions (according to the NST) afterwards for an hour or 2 - then nothing since. I went naturally with my first w/o pain relief & wanted the same thing again (terrified of anything going in my back) but I don't know if I can handle the pain of an induction. My first labor was less than 3 hours from 1 cm to pushing & my water broke on its own.



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