Can You Tell Me When I Will Quot Know Quot I Am In Labor

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CassJ - June 25

I am 40 wks and 3 days and yesterday I am pretty sure that I lost my plug. I have been having contractions since yesterday morning and tonight they are worse so I am trying to walk through them. I have heard everyone say that you "will know" when you are in labor but they are 3 to 5 mins apart. I have been to the hospital 3 times because I was having regular contractions like this but they said that they were not strong enough. Now they are painful but not unbearable. Just how strong do these things need to be and will I really KNOW?


Ca__sJ - June 25

I just read MMorris' Labor post and that kind of answered my question. Have you had your baby yet MMorris?


krista-lee - June 25

i was the same way you were. everyone always said you will "know" when you go into labor. and you will! The normal crampy feelings you've been feeling these last few weeks will have a noticable sharper pain if its real contractions, thats how i felt when i went into labor. i started having contractions at 1 AM and by 2 AM i knew it was labor because that whole hour, they didnt stop comming no matter what i was doing, and they got harder and i had to completley stop what i was doing while i was having one


DWilson924 - June 27

My doctor just told me last night that I will know it is time to go to the hospital is when the type of contractions that I will be experiencing will be like the type of pains you experience when you have to "go to the bathroom" after eating something really greasy. She said no matter how I sit, stand, or lay I will not be comfortable and they will not go away and there will be the sense of urgency. Hope that helps.


kvilendrer - June 27

Actually, I didn't know that I was in labor for a long time. My doctor said that the contractions would feel a lot different than the Braxton Hicks...but they felt the same. I had contractions at least once a day. It took all night of contractions to finally realize that I should go to the hospital.


haymay - June 28

I knew I was in labor when the contractions got stronger and closer together as the day went on, and I was having to breathe through them....they were very painful, and one major thing I remembered was the really painful pressure down in my v____al region, like the baby's head was pushing down really hard. I had had braxton hicks since about 17 weeks, but real labor contractions were nothing like the bh for me...I definately knew when I was in labor. The night before I went into labor, I got sick off of something I ate and started having contractions, and went into the hospital thinking I was in labor, and they ended up sending me home that next morning because my contractions had died off...then a few hours after I got home, the real labor started, and it was nothing like what I felt the previous night.


piratesmermaid - June 28

DWilson924, that's a very unique way of describing labor! I've never heard it put like that. I'll have to keep that in mind, it could be any day now for me.


Lala - June 29

The reason they say "you will know" is because when you're in active labor, the contractions will be so strong, you won't be able to talk during them even if you want to. If there's any doubt, you're not in active labor.


girlfrn - June 30

everybody is different, when I had my daughter, I lost my plug Sunday morning at about 6 am, it was mucous and blood mixed together. (sorry to be so detailed), but it looked like a man's s____n with blood mixed in it. About an hour after than my contractions started and there were 20 minutes apart. I was only 18 and had no idea what labor felt like or anything. TRUST ME HONEY, YOU WILL KNOW. They feel like very intense menstrual cramps with alot of pressure and they should last a few minutes and be regular. If they aren't then it's not labor. Good Luck.



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