Experience S With Stretching Of The Cervix

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Lyn edd 8th april - April 13

im 5 days over due and the doctor stretched my cervix yesturday...... after she did it part of my mucus plug came away it was long and gooey... and ever since every time i wipe after going to the toilet its clear gooey stuff..... earlier this morning i had a slight blood red line mixed with the gooey stuff....... .. im just wanting to know now what ? what has your experience been ?


Daniella - April 17

Did she tell you how far you were dilated before she did this?? I lost globs of this mucus stuff tinged with blood in it after my exam last week when I was told I was 3 cm dilated. She didn't stretch my cervix, but I have been losing my plug for 4 weeks now. It just happened to be after my exam last week that I had blood in it also. Your cervix can be 4 cm for weeks before labor happens, so I am not sure on the whole stretching it thing. That may just open it up for infection. Since you are over your due date, its not like your cervix will be open for long. What matters is how effaced you are. Did she say?? Also, did she sweep your membranes??


Daniella - April 17

Hey, just noticed that it was a couple days ago you posted. How is everything now?? Baby yet??


Lyn edd 8th april - April 17

thanx for your reply its been 5 days since the doctor stretched my cervix ....on that day i was loosing my plug bit by bit and all the next day then the day after that nothing at all then on the morning of the 15th i lost a big amount of plug but nothing since ......i woke up today with a really bad sore back to the point i can barly walk it kills..... but other then that nothing else has happened im now 9 day over due .....ahhhhh i want this baby out ..........3 more day and if the baby hasnt come im getting induced.......thanx for you interest


Daniella - April 17

oh wow!! well, at least you are very close to seeing your little precious at any time now. :) Im in the same boat with the losing this glob stuff, back pain, etc. but, I am only 37 weeks, so they can't induce, so it may be weeks for me feeling like this. Heck, I get shooting pain so bad it nearly puts me on the floor and/or make me want to get sick. I kinda wish I was at my due date already. Oh well!! Soon enough, eh!? Good luck with your labor and I sure pray all goes well for you. Very soon now! hehe ;)


mom.2.5 - April 17

If your back is hurting that bad, and you being overdue, I would definetly (sp?) call your dr. With my 2nd I had back labor and was dialated to 6 before I even went to the OFFICE, and then he sent me straight to the hospital. It was different from belly pains, I just thought it would go away. I wish I could get that lucky again with another easy labor! hope this helps and good luck!


rebecca278 - April 17

I agree, it wouldn't hurt to call the Dr. I also have terrible back labor, and it usually just starts with my low, low back aching and hurting and doesn't feel like the typical contractions.


Daniella - April 17

Rebecca- mom.2.5 & Rebecca, thanks for the advice. I was hooked up to the monitor to track contractions and they said that it would pick up back labor contractions even if you don't feel them up front. Not sure how true that is because I felt them and didn't see any on the screen (well, not a big number) and then it showed I was having a strong contraction when I felt nothing. So, I give up. lol... All I know is my lower back just started tensing up (tightening) and relaxing a few days ago and is getting worse. I never even had back pain my whole pregnancy, so I know its not the location of the baby. It has to be back contractions. Guess we will see when I finially go into active labor. Thanks!!!!


mom.2.5 - April 19

daniella-do you have any more pains to tell? I am at the point that i feel like cutting my belly open and getting this thing out. i feel so irritable right now, and like you i have had some bad pains in the last 2 days, i'm 34wks, #5 baby! I hope you have it soon cause i know how you feel in all this pain and keep getting sent home. I've been admitted 2x's for preterm, and I am going to make sure the next time i go that i come home with a baby! hope all goes well and keep us posted


Daniella - April 20

mom.2.5- I really know how you feel. I am 37 weeks now. I just got back from the store and it seems every 50 feet (probably less, lol) I would like jump because of shooting pain so bad it would nearly put me to the floor. Feels like baby is trying to rip out of me. I am 3 cm dilated, almost fully effaced and baby was -2 station... since over a week ago. Man, I would rather be nothing and then all happen in the same day baby comes, then drag on like this for what seems to be forever. I started the crampy at 32 weeks when I lost my plug and started dilated. 5 weeks later here I am, still no baby and pain is doing nothing but getting worse. I really wanted to make it to full term (at least 37 weeks)... well, I made it! hehe... just now baby has to do the rest. Like you, the next time I go into L&D better be ending with coming home with a baby. lol.. I am not going to go in again until someone needs to carry me in because its that bad. OR if my water breaks. I am not going to get sent home again! lol



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