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expectingbaby1 - February 6

I was tested to see if I'm a carrier of that strep infection that can be passed on through childbirth and it came back positive. I did a LITTLE research mainly out of fear of what the internet mght tell me, and I did learn that 1 out of every 4 women are GB positive so I decided I'd ask about this! I really have NO clue what this is, all I know is that I'm going to be on a penecilin IV every four hours while in labor. I did read that it's the number one cause of infection/death in infants. I'd really like to know that this is false and any other type of information about this! Should i be really concerned? I'm trying so hard not to stress out about this. Any of you girls have this as well? Did labor go well and was your baby born sick or healthy? AHH any help is appreciated!!


0x0xAudreyx0x0 - February 7

im gb + too but im not scared or stressed my doc. said that everyone has it.. just some people more than others and even men have it too. they just put u on antibiotics so that when the baby is born it wont be effected by it. there is nothing to be worried about.. it is perfectly normal.


cors1wfe - February 10

I was positive with my first son it's really not that big of a deal I had the antibiotics and everything was fine my main concern was there was meconium in my water when it broke. both can be scary and cause problems but more often than not it's no big deal - don't be nervous - all will be well.


spamanda - February 18

GBS is the number one cause of infection in infants... which is why you take the antibiotics. I was GBS+ with my son, too. It's really not a big deal. They tell you to be there 4 hours before the babe is born so they can get the antibiotics in you BEFORE you give birth. That's the important part. My labor went fine, I did it all natural, and my baby was totally fine. Like I said, as long as you get the antibiotics in you, you should be great. I also had to stay a full 48 hours in the hospital after DS was born... not that I was in a hurry to rush home! lol. Also, I'm allergic to penicillan so they gave me something else, but even that wasnt' a big deal. GL, it'll be fine! ~ spam


expectingbaby1 - February 19

Thanks girls your support has really helped! I've officially stopped worrying about all this now and I'm just looking forward to having this baby!


Ha__lyn - March 2

I'm positive aswell. My docotor told me that it was no big deal in any way what so ever. So much so that they just started testing people for it a few years ago. I have to have antibiotics right after my water breaks and through the rest of the labor. She said that it was nothing to be concerned about. She also told be that just becasue i have it with this birth, it doesnt mean that i will have it with every birth.


Skyeblue - March 3

I tested positive with my 2nd dd. I spoke with my midwife and did my research and decided to continue with the home birth without any antiobiotics. I think it is big hype and guess who makes all the money. In the U.K is is also not routinely tested...? Good luck!



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