When Is It A Good Time To Naturally Induce Yourself

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Teja - August 14

im 37 weeks today and i wanted to know when is it a good time to try to induce yourself naturally. just turning 37 weeks which is considered full term, is that ok? or 38 weeks? i was asked why i wanted to have the baby so bad, and one of the kaiser nurses ( kaiser sux) was saying in the background, inducing is not just for your convenience. i understand that the longer the baby is in there the better for him/her, but it is really affecting me, mentally. i dont feel that i am being selfish. but this is just out of curiosity..i would rather have the baby after 38 weeks anyways but just was wondering. i am not into having s_x, i tried the pineapple, it dont work, i would not drink castor oil, and i dont like eggplant..ive been walking 2 1/2 miles everyday and i dont feel any strong contractions. this sux. the hot and muggy weather aint helping it either..help :(


C - August 14

Everyone gets to that point, believe me, but it really is best to let it happen naturally. You can handle it better than baby.


Mich - August 14

Teja, I know how you feel, I am going into my 39th week. I cant sleep, so much peeing, leg c___ps, feet hurt, feel fat because I put on 60lbs.... I tried, long walks the only thing that I felt from that was pain in my pelvic area because I had to pee, atleast I think that is what it is. S_x, I know you said you dont want to try that, but I did, 2 times a day for the past 3 days and nothing is different, other then they say that the sperm softens the cervix. Nothing happened!!! I am now trying raspberry tea, other then that great taste, I am not convinced it will work at this point. What is this about the pineapple? I havent heard about that. Im at the point in my pregnancy where I feel I will always be pregnant!!!!


To NG - August 14

I don't believe you, but if it is true why? Are you aware of the medical problems a baby that young faces? Are you ok with that? There's a simpler and safer solution to not dealing with pregnancy if it's such a bother. It's called birth control. And unless you're having true complications you have no idea what a hard pregnancy is.


miranda - August 14

First of all, I think NG might have meant 37-38 weeks, so let's give her the benefit of the doubt. Teja, I know it is really hard to sit around and wait, but hang in there. The walking is great, keep it up, and also sitting on a birth ball or squatting might help open things up as well. It will happen when the baby's lungs are ready to breathe, I've even read that the when the baby starts to produce something in their lungs called "surfactant" that means they are ready to breathe, that substance will actual communicate to the uterus that it is time to start contracting. Just hang in there!


To Miranda - August 15

Possibly. Either way the rush some are in is disturbing. Understandable, but disturbing.


Teja - August 15

ive been experiencing lower back ache..not really contractions though..i just want this week to go by fast. ive got 3 other children and 2 of them were born at 37 weeks and the other one at 36 weeks..does that necessarily mean that i will be giving birth around the same time? this whole thing confuses me. my due date is suppose to be sept. 3rd but my doctor said that i am able to give birth any time after the 36th week because of the history of preterm labor...who knows..i really hope that it is true that the babys lungs will signal the process of labor...i am willing to wait till that is fulfilled. :) hope that everyone else's pregnancy is going smoothly. it is really rough during the last weeks...


C - August 15

I hope time goes fast for you. Best wishes.


Amie - August 15

I'm also due sept 3rd. I'm trying to be patient but it is hard. I think it wouldn't be so bad if we KNEW the day when the baby would be born. If the due date were actually some magical day that the baby would know to come on. Then we wouldn't be so stressed out by waiting. But as we do not know when the baby will come (maybe tomorrow...maybe 2 weeks from now...) it makes life stressful and our body pains even more painful. Sigh.


Nicole(FormerlyTo NG) - August 15

I know many who have lost their babies (miscarry/preterm labor). I think that's why it's upsetting to hear so many trying to induce before overdue. I know it's a long wait, but there are many that would give a right arm for that wait and then some. It's sad.



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