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JMP - July 13

I'm having my first baby in September and I'm taking a three hour private session with a Doula/Bradley method instructor. My Mom had all her babies naturally and I'd really love to try it. It's hard to imagine what this incredible pain of labor and contractions feel like, my Mom can't even seem to be able to explain them! But I'm really hoping to try and do this naturally..if anyone has any stories or anything I'd really love to hear them!


jeffreys mommy - July 14

I went entirely natural with my son and plan to do so again with this pregnancy (I'm 9 weeks). The main thing to keep in mind is YOU CAN DO IT and there IS an end point. After the baby comes out all the the pain is literally gone immediately. It really helps to have everyone who is there while you're in labor to be in support of this as well. Your husband/doula need to not give in if you complain about the pain and ask for an epidural. trust me, it will totally be worth it. After my son I was pushing him around the hall just a few hours later. I do understand why your mom can't quite explain it to you because you do literally forget what the intensity was like. You have a vague idea, but can't quite comprehend it. I will tell you this, it will hurt. There's no getting around that. but if you go to cla__ses and keep focused, you can tolerate the pain much better. You can also try different positions to see what makes it not so bad. Hope I've helped. if you have anymore questions, feel free to ask and I'll respond when I can.


mustbecrazy - August 13

Hey there - I had my 2nd of 4 children at home in the bath tub and it was totally doable - WITH WATER! I would highly recommend birthing and laboring in water! I had to get out of the tub to go to the bathroom at one point and thought I was going to die! I am not trying to scare you - everyone is different and I just think I have a low tolerance for pain. But the boyouncy you get from being in the water is awesome!! It was my most memorable and favorite birthing experience! Good luck and remember - you are strong - and your body is MADE to do this! take care always!!


chantekke - August 14

Hi! I had my children drug free. (I am expecting my 4th any day now) I am kind of a whiner when it comes to pain, so I had a coach and my husband with the first 3 and will have a doula as well with my 4th. We all know going in there that the plan is no drugs and my team knows that is what I want. We stick to it! Water, bath or shower is great. Ma__sage. Mind over matter. It is going to hurt but focus on the prize and how soon you'll recover without being groggy with drugs. I would explain the pain as very heavy menstral cramps for the contractions and the largest bowel movement of your life for the pushing. It is all doable! You and your baby work together in this miracle that you want to remember! This is the one moment in your life where you are incredibly vulnerable yet amazingly strong all at the same time! You won't regret it! Best wishes for a beautiful birth.



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