Accident Or Water Breakage

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SusanS - May 25

I awoke this morning to wet panties, not drenched, but enough to wake me up. I thought I just peed on myself becasue I slept without covers due to the heat. Could this have been my water breaking? I am only less than 1 cm dialted, but my cervix has softened nicely. I will be 39 weeks on Sat, please provide input.


krista-lee - May 25

it could be. did it have a smell? usually the fluid doesnt have a smell or anything. also, if you get up and walk around and continue to leak, its most likely that your water broke!


olivia - May 25

Nope, not your water breaking, but you could be leaking amniotic fluid. Have your doctor check your levels if you think you have been leaking. You won't believe how much fluid there is when your water breaks, you would be drenched as would your entire bed! Good luck for your upcoming delivery!


jamiew - May 27

Olivia, that is not true .... When my water broke it was just a little at a time. I wasnt *drenched* nor was everything around me. It is different in all cases. .... Besides, if she was leaking amniotic fluid, isnt that a sign of water breaking LOL ....SusanS .. Call your dr if you suspect its your waters, because once it starts you need to go to the hosp asap... You do not want to wait very long, because this allows bacteria and infection to enter ... Good Luck


olivia - May 27

Well... I never claimed to be a doctor, but if it was your water, congratulations, you must have a baby by now! :) (jamie, you can leak fluid without it being your water breaking. Some women loose fluid gradually over time and the doctor monitors it to make sure there is enough to protect the baby from infection).


jamiew - May 28

talk about touchy


Atarahsmommy - June 5

It could have been your waters, did it keep leaking out if so it is most likely your water breaking, when your waters break it can be either a large gush with continued leaking or it can leak out a little at a time, its different with every person and with every person, Olivia- some people can have there waters break weeks before they go into labor, so if it was her water breaking it would not mean that she would go into labor right away,


Atarahsmommy - June 5

I meant different with every person and with every pregnancy



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