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Cat - October 28

Has anyone here had a home birth with their baby? I am a 26 yr old in good health and expect to have about a 9 lb baby. My husband and I and all our relatives are tall and have big babies as well..It will be my first baby so I am a bit nervous and after doing much reading I would like to have a home birth. I hate hospitals and having several friends who have had babies lately it seems like doctors are so in a ruch to induce, do c sections etc at the slightest delay or problem. I do not want that. I hope not to have an episiotomy even...Is it safe to do a home birth if all seems well and can a midwife do an episiotomy or things like that if it needs to be done? What if the pain is unbearable and I can't have an epidural? I would love some input and advice. My husband is the most calm unsqueamish wonderfully supportive man and he also likes the idea of home birth so I know he would be a great help during the labor...Thanks


Kendra - October 30

I'm mom to 5 children and 1 grandchild. I've given birth in hospitals, birth center and at home. My suggetion would be to visit a couple of midwives and pose your questions to them. Many midwives welcome the opportunity to talk with women about homebirth free of charge. She can tell you all about the different alternatives to drugs during labor and birth. She can tell you her policies for pain relief and share with you the experiences of the women before you. Having experienced a wide variety of birth places, myself, I can tell you home birth is the most empowering and *safe* alternative you will find for a typical pregnancy (one with out medical issues ie; high bp or what have you. Best of luck to you


Cat - November 3

Anyone have an opinion?


KM - November 3

I'd say for your first baby have it in the hospital, because you can't tell how things will for for you based on any previous pregnancies (b/c u havent had any) and you dont know what to expect. These days women are in control of their labours and when they give birth. Select a doctor that respects your choices and will not rush to induce or do episiotomies or anything you are not comfortable with.Sit down with him or her and make a birth plan of how you would like everything to go if possible.Then I would think about a home birth for a second baby if you decide to have one. Just my opinion, good luck , let us know what you decide :)


Cat - November 3

That was kind of what I was thinking. A lot of people seem to have theri second baby at home. It is kind of scary when u don't know what to expect. I go to a practice with about 6 women obs and 1 gay man ob. Do I make a birth plan or how do I tell them all since any one of them could be on call when I go into labor what I prefer?


Shalee - November 5

Dont listen to people trying to tell you that you should have your 1st in a hospital. Are you pregnant or are you sick? Hospitals are for sick people.I have had both my first and second born at home 100% no probs and am going to have this 3rd at home God willing. God didnt create women weak, he created them to carry andbirth their children. Dont let some OB take away the gift and blessing God has given you, do a homebirth you wont regret it Shalee p.s. dont believe that youd be in control of your birth at hospital either.Does this sound like control having fingers shoved up inside you by multiple people, delivery on your back, iv, nothing but ice chips, the list goes on. Personally I feel that especially if its a man (you know who has no idea what you are going through)they have no right taking control of this moment for you. Take control or you may regret how your birth goes.


Cat - November 6

I do have an group of obs who are like 6 women and 1 gay man so I had hopes it would be a woman who delivered me, but I just keep hearing such negative experience about hospital births these days. Shalee, when you had your first baby at home were you shocked by the pain? What was it like? Did you feel like you could handle it the whole time? How long was your labor? Also, can a midwife do an episiotomy if necessary?


Shalee - November 6

Yes there is pain but it is 100% managable. I wont lie it hurts but the key is to relax, the more you fight the pain the more it hurts. Yes a midwife can perform an epis. if neccesary however midwifes are usually very consevative about doing them. I had hubby there the entire time and he gave me the comfort to get through. In transition I made a comment that I couldnt do it but this is a statement most woman make right before giving birth.Its common to feel overcome by it all right before giving birth. My first birth was 9hrs while my second birth was almost 6hrs. I layed on my bed to labor and also took a bath and labored in a childs pool. I gave birth to my second in water. Waterbirth is so excellent and 100% safe, your baby wont drown as most people a__sume. Babies continue to breath through their umbilical cord and dont breath until their skin hits air then hair like follicles tell the body the breathe.The pain outside of water compared to the pain floating in warm water is like night and day. In water you can float to any position you want and the gravity is still there but not as intense and it literally cuts the pain in half. Some refer to waterbirth as the natural drug. There are great sites that tell birthstories and info on home/water birth I very much recommend you look into it. I also recommend you read some homebirth stories so that you have a better understanding of what to expect. Please email me at [email protected] if you want some helpful links Shalee


KM - November 6

Well, you can make your birth plan at home, and when you go in for your appointment bring it with you and discuss it with one of the doctors in your practice. then ask them to put it in your file so it is there when you get to the hospital and whoever delivers your baby can have it. As for having ppl shove their fingers in you and what not, a midwife is going to do the same is necessary int he process of labour.You do not have to lay flat on your back for the birth. write it in your birth plan different labouring positions you would like to try out. Hospitals have come a long way and they try to make things as comfortable as possible for you. Some hospitals you can even opt for a waterbirth there. I just wouldn't do it for my first, but if you are confident , I say go ahead!


Cat - November 6

I have read several home birth stories and they sounded wonderful. You never hear anyone saying,"Oh having my baby in the hospital was wonderful!" do you? Yet every woman I ever hear of says home birth was the greatest thing they ever did. There has got to be something to that. I have heard about waterbirth and think it sounds great. No matter what anyone says the rate of c section in the US is 22%. That is a one in four chance of major surgery. Now come on, only once in a few thousand is the cord wrapped around baby's neck, whatever these truly life threatening things are, but doctors seem to rush. I saw my friend get induced. Her baby wasn't big, she was healthy but after she labored just a few hours without dilating quickly or enough the nurses and doctor were just chomping at the bit to rush and do a c section. I was in the room and heard them and even before they said they were going to do it I knew they would by their att_tude. it was well, who wants to wait, lets get it out and whoosh they did it. Yuck! it wasn't cool. I don't want to be rushed or told some mahcine says my baby is in distress and needs to come out. Of course its in distress, its trying to be born in a tight space! The rate of episiotomy is like 80 or 90 percent in hospitals too. In Europe its less than half that. From what I understand with ma__sage and patience and careful manuevering a lot of the time it can be avoided. Anyone else have a say?


KM - November 6

It really depends on how comfortable you are with it.I think waterbirth sounds great too! I don't know, from what you are saying, it sounds like a homebirth would be a good option for you. And I mean, if you need to be taken to the hospital in an emergency I am sure your midwife would know!


Cat - November 6

of course thats a worry but I am in the heart of a major city and hospital is only about 10 minutes away.


KM - November 6

I'd say go for it then because what seems to be important for you during your birth would probably be more easily accomodated with a homebirth.just be prepared that maybe you will end up in the hospital after all.. My mom planned to have a homebirth with her 3rd, but her water started leaking the night before but then she didn't progress at all, so she ended up having to go and get induced the next day...anything like that could happen.


ray - November 7

i wanted a home birth with my last daughter i thought it would be great to have a baby in your own home and be able to sleep in your own bed but my baby had problems and i had to deliver at the hospital b/ i was only 30 weeks pregnant when i went into labour so i didn't have a chance but if i have anymore children i will have a home birth good luck to you on what ever you decide all the best love ray xxx


angelbright - November 15

Cat, I am EXACTLY the same as you in regards to my feelings about hospitals, and have been for years. I have just found out I'm pregnant, and couldn't stop panicking about the thought of all the things you've just described! But my husband (who is a surgeon) is happy for me to give birth at home, and the relief I felt when he said that was immense. Sure, you never know exactly what will happen, but I feel so much more confident about approaching pregnancy now. I am also going to be looking into Hypnobirthing, as a means of easing tension and pain. Good luck with your choice - let us know what you decide!


Cat - November 30

Unfortunately, the other week I tested positive for an elevated level of strep in my v____al culture. Apparently its very common and they don't know the cause, its a bacteria which is usually present in small amounts in the v____a but can get overgrown. Due to this they say I must ake 1 week of amoxicillin now and will be on iv antibiotics when I go into labor bc strep can make very ill or even kill a newbron if its exposed to it in the birth ca___l during delivery. They said even if I test negative for strep the rest of my pregnancy which is likely, they will still make me take the iv during labor bc once you test postive 1 time they consider it a danger and don't want any risk to the baby. I was really bummed and disappointed bc that means I will have to have it in the hospital. On the bright saide though, I had a long talk with one of my doctors and he said they would only do a c section if there was real danger to life of baby or if i wanted one. he said they don't like to do them bc its a ha__sle, more complications, and more aftercare of the mother bc of the major surgery. He said they much prefer v____al births in their practice and best of all, he has only done 2 episiotomies in the last year entirely bc he tries to ease the baby out without doing it. They try to avoid that unless the perineum is all that is holding the baby back from being born and its vital signs are dropping. That made me feel great. I feel I can be in control of my birth a little bit and that they will respect ym wishes and help me to have as natural a birth as possible. I also plan to check myself out of the hospital asap after the birth provided the baby is ok. I will try to labor at home as long as possible before going to the hospital since its only 15 minutes away. Thats how my plan stands at the moment....


salie - December 31

Cat, did you have your baby yet?? if so congrats!!



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