After Birth

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Wendy - February 22

For how long after the birth does it still hurt down there, and what does it feel like?


jg - February 22

For me it was really bad for about a week (swollen, sore, sting'y - I can see why women use donut cushions!) and it eased off over the next week. The first week was unexpectantly bad.


erin - February 22

It completely depends on the person. I'd say the first week is the worst. With my first I could hardly move, sit or walk. With the second, it wasn't nearly so bad. It just feels swollen, sore and bruised. If you have st_tches, it'll be worse, and st_tches tend to get kind of itchy when they're healing. But it all goes away.


pbj - February 23

Yeah, I would say the first week is the worst, then for maybe 3 weeks it just feels a little swollen. I didn't feel normal (not pain just weird) down there for about 7 weeks. I only had one st_tch.


Erin1979 - February 23

I felt very swollen and tender after my dd. It was more like pulled muscles....I'm not sure how to explain it!! The st_tches were sore for about a week, but as everything heals, it starts to feel better. Just remember to take the stool softeners, b/c that first time you have to's sore!


Wendy - February 23

Does doing keegle excercizes help to keep it from being as sore afterward, does anyhave experience with giving birth with and without doing them?


Luna - February 24

I had 3rd degree tearing with 10 st_tches. I was sore for 3-4 days, I basically stayed in bed and it was hard to move. After that it gets a lot better HOWEVER do take stool softeners because the first time you go for #2, it feels worse than labor! LOL. I found that soaking the area in the bathtub for a few minutes a day helped to heal faster and took away lots of pain. I took Ibuprofen only and it worked just fine.


Luna - February 24

Wendy, from what I heard, Kegel exercises and perineal ma__sages help to "elasticize" the area and prevent tearing. That alone would definitely help your recovery.


to Wendy - February 24

Wendy - I didn't do kegals with my first and I hurt pretty bad but also tore really bad too. I had a level 3 tear. With my second, I did those exercises. I tore a little but had no issues recovering and really never felt bad afterwards. My first was also a bigger baby than my second that was 2 1/2 weeks early... so I am not sure if that was the difference. ~ I agree with Luna, stool softeners are fabulous!! :)



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