Almost 35 Weeks HELP

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Nervous 1st Time Mommy-To-Be - December 28

Im really nervous about giving birth. I dont know when labors coming or how to know when its here. Or what to do! And the pain... Im just nervous. Does anyone have any advice on what labor is like? What are some signs that you are close to going into labor? How common is it to have your first early? Please help.


kerrie - December 31

i wouldnt worry ur self to much im on my 4th pregnancy , with my first i had very strong braxtion hicks for weeks before that got strong over a few hours then went off totaly i think they were helping me to notice wat it was going to be like well the day before i went in to labour for some reason i wanted to be with my mum all the time as me and the babys father had split up i stayed a my mums house that night and at i started with wat i thought were braxtion hicks i got up on my own and timed them till they were coming every 7 mins and lasting 1 mins i knew this was it so i got my mum up and we went to the hostpital i did have a very long labour it was 37 hours and not very nice but my baby was big 9lb for a first and im only little , its just very weired how u know that this is it but u do like i said im on my 4th now and im 38wks iv been in labour once at 32 wks but they stopped it and now iv had a few false alarms but i thinks its cos im in so much pain all the time i can tell u that the pains get stronger and stronger and by the time u are ready to push u are nackered and just want the baby out i had gas and air with my last 2 and coped very well up to the urge to push then i wanted something stronger but u carnt cos i was to close to the delivery but my parnter helped me through it by talkin to me and telling me to get mad lol, i hope this helps u and goodluck with the new baby wen he /she arrivesand try not to worry to much and know matter wat anyone says we all get nervours no matter how many times we go through it luv kerrie


kashi - December 31

so you actually managed to not take one childbirth cla__s in those 35 weeks? that's exactly what those cla__ses are for!


Nikki - January 3

It will start out irregular but increase in intensity and become regular as real labor begins. You will not have any trouble knowing when the real thing comes! Sometimes labor goes slowly for some, which makes it harder to tell for a first time mom, but you will definately know the difference when you begin to have real contractions. Not only will your stomach get hard and tight, but you will have menstrual-like cramps that get worse and closer together as time goes by.


ca__sandra - February 1

i am 35 weeks with my fourth child yet i am still nervous. with my first child i had her early but i guess it just depends on you and your body some people with their first it does take longer


autum - February 4

dont worry too much, when i had my son i started cleaning like a mad women, they call it nesting, from what i've heard 48-24 hrs later you'll go into labour, (no proof though), but as soon as that baby is in your arms you'll forget everything,


Shana - February 4

As for kashi's anwser to you question,dont feel bad if you didnt take child birth cla__ses i am 35 weeks pregnant as well and I just got done taking childbirth cla__ses, and Yes I did learn a bit of stuff from the cla__s, but let me tell you it didnt change all the fear I have about labor and delivery. This is my first child as well and the best part of childbirth cla__s for me was actually being able to socialize with other women who are going though what I am going through right now.(And they had free snacks. he! he! ) So sorry i cant help you with your actual question I just wanted to let youknow what i feel.


sharon - February 10

hi dont worry! i had my 1st 2 days early, and so did my sister she was 18 days early with her 1st so its not always true that you'll be late with your 1st. i didnt realise i'd started labour at first when i started having back pains in the night, but the next day they'd gone and i was shopping then got ready to go out, and my waters broke she was born 4 and a half hrs later, no pain releif.relatively easy compared to all the horror stories everyone has told me my biggest advice is stay mobile, i walked miles every day and the midwife said me walking all day was why she came so quick and easy she said to expect home birth next time if i dont get up the hospital sharpish!same for my sis she went into labour at 6.30am and the baby was born at 9.27am!she got to the hospital at 9cm cause she wasnt in much pain.good luck think positive it worked for us. x



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