Already 3 Days Past Due Date And Going Crazy

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lindsey - April 19

i was due april 16 and i am going crazy. every day i hope im going to go into labor and every day my husband bugs me about when the baby is going to come out. like its my choice for him to stay put.... any suggestions on ways to start labor? i really dont want to have to wait the extra 2 weeks my doctor is going to make me to induce medically.


Stephanie - April 20

Go get a ma__sage and have them focus on your feet. It's supposed to work, but who knows.


Krista - April 21

Walk, walk, walk, I was 4 days overdue so the mornig of the 4th day I went shopping with my husband at target and the mall. we were home by 2 went to my moms for dinner and at 6:12pm just as i got up to put my dish in the sink my water broke. and at 2:43am our son was born. Good luck to you


Jenn - May 7

I know how u feel... My due date is tomorrow. Everyone asks "when is the baby coming?" My husband and my 10 yr old daughter are driving me nuts!! I am also going out of my mind! I don't want to go thru induction at all which will happen by the 18th if I don't go into labor myself. I've tried walking, s_x and cleaning... what else could I do?


Donna - May 10

I'm 9 days overdue now and I've tried walking, dancing, pineapple, raspberry tea, s_x, etc. Nothing is working for me. Don't have any advice for you except to share that you are not alone in your frustration.


Ola - May 11

My due date was May 9th and no baby. Doctor will induce on May 16th. I heard that induction produces worse labor so not looking forward to it. I also tried walking, s_x and spicy food to no avail.


Sarah - May 21

I am also running late. Only 2 days but the constant question "where is the baby" does tend to drive you crazy. I have tried walking, s_x and rasberry tea. Nothing yet!


shawna - June 7

I know exactly how you feel. I was due 2 days ago and people have been calling every day since 2 weeks ago and asking when i was gonna have that baby. Its so anoying and it makes me really anxious when they bug me. well i hope u have ur baby soon!


maggie - June 7

It is hard, right? My due date is tomorrow, too. Jenn...My husband and I got a lot of phone calls when is the baby going to come. It drives me crazy and I still have no sign of it at this point. I try to walk and walk twice a day and my mother-in-law already came here and waiting to help us whenever the baby comes. Who knows when she is already to come out? My friend's due date is three days later than me but she already gave birth last week when her water broke, but I don't want to. I am praying everyday now and continue to wait. That is what I can do now.


Cherie ann De Thierry - December 2

Well im 40wks and 3days still no baby, What can i do to help bring baby on i,v tried everything. Im going to get a internal sweep on wednesday does any one know if that really helps



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