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Jami - January 27

Hi I am about 38 weeks, and last night I could swear I had contractions. I tummy would get really tight, then I had to pee. Now all day today i've been really weak, I feel like a noodle. My tummy had been tight on and off, I haven't really timed it or anything. My lower back has been killing me though. It just feels REALLY sore just as if I worked out the day before. I'm kind of out of breath today too. My body doesn't really hurt, I'm just so uncomfortable. Please let me know what is going on. Is it labor or just me??


Sound Like Me - January 27

Same things happened with me for three days at the beginning of the week. I couldn't hardly move, my bones and muscles were stretching. Cramping in my tummy, and major cramping in my lower back. My stomach was tightening, and as that happened, I couldn't breath. Which I read is due to the uterous (I think) pushing the diaphram. Having to pee could be the baby pushing your bladder.I just felt like total c___p. My nurse just said it's the baby, and since it's bigger, I'm feeling it in more areas. My body is getting ready for birth. But I'm only 32 weeks. She said it's totally normal.


KrYstaL - January 28

you should keep track of the contractions. if they are regular and don't go away at all then you should go get checked. 38 weeks is full term and you could go anytime now. they could be just braxton hicks. try moving around to see if they go away. but if they don't and get stronger go get checked,


Haley - January 31

Some of the same is happening to me also, i am 39 weeks and have been having irregular contractions that are soo uncompfortable and when I wake up in the mornings i am very sore. I have been having this for about 2 weeks now and have been 2cm and staying the same. I am being induced tomarrow night, just because my doc says its okay since I am full term.



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