Am I Going To Go Into Labour Someone Please Help

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Keira - September 6

I am around 34wks and the last couple of weeks have had increased braxton hicks, last week I woke up and thought i had wet myself but it wasn't urine it smelt sweet and then all day that day i had contractions but they weren't in a pattern along with back ache, i rang the hosptial and they told me to come up straight away they did all the usual tests and stuck me on a monitor and the contractions were reaching around 55 and were all over the place they did a va___al examination and said my water hadn't broken but may have leaked and closed but up, they put me on antibiotics to prevent early labour and then the next day took me off them because they just made things worse, they sent me home. Everything setteled until yesterday i was having braxton hicks all day and then at about 4pm I was just standing there and I go this pain in my pelvic area it was that bad that it knocked me to the ground screaming it lastest for about 1min and then 20mins later i had another the same, but that was it today I have just had heaps of braxton hicks and like pressure sort of feeling in my va___a ..... am I going into labour? somebody please help this is my first pregnancy and I dont know what is normal


Marg - September 6

You could be going into labour, keep your eye out for a mucus plug, if you are to concerned go to the doctor, but if you get anymore pelvic pain like the ones that you had yesterday I say go straight to the doctor. Good luck!


angela - September 15

if your worried go straight to the hospital and as you say its your first pregnancy so your going to be twice as concerned. its better to be safe than sorry. and those pain dont sound too good. good luck.


Sam - September 16

Phone your midwife if you are worried about anything.


natosha - September 16

I am due today actually... I have been in and out of "false labor" since 37 weeks. I am dialated to a 4 and 25% effaced. I have contractions that come and go. I've lost my mucus plug. The dr's can not believe I am still pregnant. I got my membranes sc___ped today, it made me bleed a bit, but nothing has happened. I wish it would hurry... Sometimes we can have these "pre labor" signs for a long time before actually having a baby. But when you are in labor, you will know, believe me! Keep your eyes open to anything that seems unusual and talk with your physician or midwife about this! Good luck!


kelly - November 21

im 38 weeks pregnant and the other day i got taken into hospital with braxton hicks,they put me on the monitor and said everything was ok,they sent me home within the hour.last night i went to the toilet and found blood on my tissue,it wasnt like jelly it was like a small period,today i have had these pains in the bottom of my stomach, they lasted for about 5 minutes then went and havent come back. can you tell me exactly what is happening


Aimee - November 21

If you are having any blood you should call your doctor right away. The pain doesn't sound like contractions, because they wouldn't last for five minutes at a time.


sarah - January 16

yer get to the hospital


honey - February 21

your pain sounds bad, ive had 2 babies and 3 on the way, wat u r experiencing needs checking out- get to the hospital . lots of luck dear.


jan - February 22

I'm 36 weeks dilated to 3cm and effaced 85% and been this way for 4 weeks. I've been contracting 5-7 min for 2 hours then they stop and come back.for the last 2 weeks... I lost my mucos plug 3 weeks ago and never had blood yet.. my doctor can't believe i'm still pregnant. If your unsure call the doctor....


dawn - March 14

Well I have had 4 children and this sounds to me like your body is preparing its self to go into labour, but I don't think it is going to be today or maybe not even this week but soon enough. I would try to get as much rest as you can, keep your feet up and take it easy for the next little while. Also, when you are lying down try to lie on your left side, this will help your blood flow better and will help the baby to relax aswell. Good luck with everything.


Danielle - March 17

I went to the doc Wed she said I'm 2cm and 70% effaced what does this mean HELP! pregnant w/ 1st baby


Rachelle - July 24

I just went to the washorrom and found blood on my tissue, should I go to the hospital?


ready4baby - July 30

to Rachael, It depends on how much blood is on your tissue. If its just streaks of red, pink or brown, then there isn't any need to worry. It just means that your cervix is dilating (small blood vessels in the cervix break when it dilates). However, if it is bright red blood (more blood than mucus) then you need to get yourself examined. If there is alot of blood it could mean that your placenta has started to separte from the wall of the uterus which is quite serious. good luck


Krystal - August 9

I had pretty much that exact same thing happen to me. they told me the leak of water was a build up of condensation that formed over night. Now i just keep having braxton hicks contractions. It happened to me when I was 37 weeks though so they didn't do anything to stop them, and now im 38 weeks and still waiting for the real thing. IS IT EVER GOING TO COME?



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