Am I Going To Have My Baby Early

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sarahdcooper - February 1

I have had a great pregnancy until Tues afternoon on Jan. 22. I started have irregular contractions and I felt horrible that afternoon. Then the next day, it was accompined with clear, liquid discharge. It wasn't very much leakage, but my I went to see the OB doctor just to make sure it wasn't my water. It wasn't. Anyway, she told me that I could continue normal activities and work as many hours as I wanted too. So, I have been, but I have had increased abdominal pain, cramping, and sometimes I will have as many as 20 contractions in one hour, although they are still irregular. Anyway, today around lunch time I felt like I was wet so I went to the restroom and I had a dark brown discharge coming out. It is only like spots, not a large amount. Now I have a severe headache and I am still cramping and hurting. What am I suppose to do?


cattac - February 1

I would call your OB again after having the discharge and tell her how much pain you're in with the cramping, etc. How far along are you? I'm sure if you went in they would check your cervix to see if anything's actually going on. I know as the baby gets bigger it can cause some pain but I dont know about the brown discharge...that sounds like old blood. I noticd you posted this yesterday...did you end up calling your dr? How are you feeling now?


cayingo - February 2

Those all sound like the saymptoms I had when in early labor with my DD. It was all managable pain so I didn't think much of it, especially since I was only 36 weeks and labor was not on my mind. ABout a day and half of that, and getting worse, I called my OB. When she checked my cervix I was 4cm and they checked me in. 12 hours later I was holding my baby girl. HOw are y ou feeling now?


sarahdcooper - February 4

I am feeling a little better now. thanks. I have had anymore dark discharge since Friday. I go tomorrow to the Dr again. I will update soon. When I went to the dr last week, she said that I wasn't dilated so all of my symptoms didn't matter. we'll see what she says tomorrow



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