Am I In Labor

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nbp - November 24

i am 38 weeks pregnate and i have been experiencing braxton hicks contractions for the past two weeks really bad. they feel like what every one is saying real contractions feel like, so i am confused. my stomache tightens and i feel like i have really bad gas pains and pain in my back and they last for a few minutes and then they subside then, they come again later on. well, tonight, i have been feeling pains in my upper part of my stomache and back, and they are very uncomfortable, and they come and go, is this real contractions? could some one please tell me once and for all what contractions feel like, all i seem to be getting in answer to that question is, you'll know or it feels like constipation. some one please tell me!!!!


heather hunter - November 29

honey i was doing the same thing you are and i was only 33 weeks. i went to the doctor and come to find out i was dialated to 2. it sounds likt to me that you are having back labor. so you might want to have youself checked by your doctor.


Christine - November 29

nbp is you know what a braxton hick contraction feels like, you know what real labor contractions feel like...the only difference is the least in my two previous pregnancies...20 weeks in to this one...what you are having sounds like contractions...and it sounds like you are having some back labor which is worse...sorry to say..I had it with my second should time them...if they come continuously...5 min apart is a trip to labor and delivery, or sooner if you live farther away from the your doc and talk to them..they can put you on the machine to watch...they also need to make sure no water is leaking, and how far you are dialated...good luck keep us posted


Jennifer - December 9

how can I go into labor


k - December 9

lots of walking helps and s_x is a way to induce labor too


salie - December 27

real contractions you will have to breath through. if you have any more questions feel free to email me at [email protected] good luck



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