Am I In Slow Labour

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kerrie - December 20

hi could someone plz help i went in to labour at 32 weeks and the hostpital stopped me with drugs and gave me steriods for the baby this is my 4th baby and im now 36 weeks , im having very strong contractions all the time iv had me show at 32 wks im peeing loads and have to empty my bowels loads some over the contractions are that strong they make me sick or feel sick iv got constant back pain and pelvic pain my midwife has told me in 1 to 2 cm dilated and 75% effaced but the babys head is only at the brim my contractions are waking me up in the night comin thick and fast and lasting 1min for a few hours then they carm down but dont go they then start to feel like braxtion hicks , has this happened to anyone else could i be in slow labour ?


Christine - December 20

Well your body is probably ready, but with the drugs...its confused..I hope your going to the doctors at least once a week to two more weeks and youve made it to the safe zone..good luck


kerrie - December 22

hi christine thanks for ur reply i myself think im ready im getting even more pains now i was in loads of pain in my pelvic last night i think the baby has dropped as far down as hes gonna go now iv also started to get loads of braxtion hicks , i just think my bodys is so bloody confused like u said its doesnt no wat to do im at my midwife next week and im going to ask her to stripe my membranes as i carnt take much mors of these pains not with having 3 other children to look after . thanks again and have a merry christmas .


Christine - December 22

You too and good luck


salie - December 27

sounds like your body is ready. well good luck.


joselyn - December 27

what can i do so that i can go into labour faster? My DR. said i was 1cm two weeks ago. please help with this im frustrated already.


B - December 27

it sounds like you are in early labor. Ask your Mid-wife the position of your baby. This would be the reason you are having back labor. As for your dilation and effacement you are in early labor. Remember you efface before you dilate. Try taking a warm bath and taking some benadryl to help you sleep. Remember if your water breaks or you have UC's every 5 mins you should go to Labor and Delivery.


[email protected] - December 28

i need help I have been in pre-term labor since 28 weeks I am now 37 I was in the hospital last night and two night before that but they keep sending me home they said i was 90% effaced the babys head is all the way down -1 and i am 4cm dilated contractions are 10 min apart but now they aren't opening my cervix anymore. what do I do this pain is keeping me up and I can hardly walk. I just want to be done this waiting is horrible. help


kerrie - December 28

tiffany if i was u i would go bac to hospital and demand they keep u there and pop ya waters that should bring u on plus its not right that u should have to have these pains i would demand it dont ask lol good luck from kerrie



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