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melanie25 - February 27

Hi I am 26 years old and 34 weeks pregnant with my first child there have been a few issues with him in the growth department, he is slowly falling behind. He is now almost 3 weeks behind in his abdomen growth, i have a mildly bicornuate uterus and I have PCOS I have brought up the suggestion to my specialist to have a possible c-section but her initial reaction was to scare the c__p out of me with all the risks such as blood clots that can kill me and severe infections as I am a bigger girl I also live 50 minutes drive away from the hospital we have chosen to go to and my partner works 50 minutes in a different direction and doesn't always get reception for his mobile phone I am scared I will go into labor and I wont be able to reach him and there for cant get into the hospital I am registered with and i will end up being taken by ambulance to the dodgy local hospital which has a bad rep for infection and things being left behind I am worried that I am asking for something that will put me at risk but I feel it may be the safer option for me and baby in the end can anyone give me any advice on a c-section. please help I am confused and have 2 weeks to decide according to my doctor.


iona - February 28

Personally I would never consider a c-section unless my child was breech. Anyway as far as measuring small...well my dd was measuring "small". In fact my stupid doc said she was microcephalic and most likely had some chromosonal defect or toxic exposure. Needless to say that ruined the rest of my pregnancy. Majalis was born 2.9 kgs and had a perfect head! She is now 10 months and absolutley normal. Damn those doc for all their tests and scare tactics.


mommybabyboy21 - February 29

I have PCOS it doesn't affect your son measured small...I gave birth to a 9 pound baby boy, 20 1/2 inches long. Which put him at the 60%. I had a completely natural labor. If you try to contact your husband right when you feel labor, most women and I mean most women there are the rare women that labor goes faster but most women the shortest a first time labor is 4 hours, the average labor for first time moms is 15 hours. My friend is studying to be a mid-wife that is how I know those dont worry you will have plenty of time to get to the hospital.


Teddyfinch - March 2

those kinds of risks are present in so many daily happenings, melanie. when you get a wisdom tooth pulled, you can get a blood clot. if you don't move your legs enough on a flight you can get a blood clot. i think you'll be fine.


Malica - March 5

Have you considered asking to be induced? You can delivery v____ally with induction and it carries less risks (it's not surgery, as a c-section is). Also, if the doctor is measuring through manual palpitation (just feeling your belly), it's not very accurate. So long as you don't continue to fall further behind, you should be fine.


melanie25 - March 6

Thanks to everyone who has responded to my question I have been checking to progress of this post and done a lot of research and I have decided that I am going to pa__s on the whole elective c-section idea and I am going to speak to my doctor about a possible induction and if the pain gets to bad an epidural but a mild one so I can still move around I read up on them the idea of not being able to feel anything is to scary to me... my measurements were all done via ultrasound but he also feels small through the abdomen I have another appointment on the 12th so I will let you all know how I go fingers crossed ................ thanks again for your help


falafal0 - March 21

hi there, from your post and your reply it seems you have a good head on your shoulders and are concerned soley for your baby's welfare. It is confusing at times to know the right thing to do. My second son was similar - threatened miscarriage to begin with and then continuing ulstrasounds throughout the pregnancy had him measured as like your bub, stomach growth small, shorter legs (one dr said, don't expect a baby with elle macpherson legs - what the ..?!) but i started having terrible dreams, was so scared and worried. just 3 weeks before he was born 3 days late, he was again measured small in all areas, and weight was ut at about 2.5kgs, a light baby. He was born perfect in all limbs and body, weighing in at 3.5 kg, a whole kilo more (I'm Australian, don't do pounds!) but everything is a guesstimate (even though yes, they've been right many times) but in the end, your bub will be born regardless of what they say.I have fast labours and my first was 5.5 hrs, still plenty of time for you to get to hospital - just have a few people on speed dial to take you if your partner can't get to you in time so you don't have to wait for him then drive another 50 minutes to hospital. It'll be okay :-) i too wouldn't opt for an elective c-section unless absolutely neeessary like the othe mum say. Stay away from that local hospital too :-)



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