Anxiety About Labor Delivery

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tubbybear70 - January 17

This is my 4th child and I DREAD thinking about the labor and delivery!!! Is this normal?? and do you also think that this prevents people from going into labor on their own, fearing it?? I feel like such a freaking retard!!! I have three other kids and I fear that I am going to die and they aren't going to have a mom - I know, I AM CRAZY!!!


bennysmom - January 17

I don't think you are crazy because I am going through the same thing, tomorrow I will be 40 weeks along with my 2nd child and all week I have been dreading going through all that pain and suffering so I think thats why nothing has happen yet...I have dreams that something will happen to me and I don't get to see my baby or my son....I think that it's just my mind going overboard and that everything will be fine(says my husband) but I freak out about everything...I am sure things will go fine for you~ ..


tubbybear70 - January 17

Well, I am glad to know that it isn't only me that feels this way!!! It drives me insane somedays thinking about not being here to see my kids grow up. And my hubby is very rea__suring too - although it is easy for him to say that I will be fine because he isnt the one that has to go through all of it!! I have never had surgery before either, and the thought of having to have a csection makes me cringe too!! (and there isn't any reason to even think that I Will have a csection because I have had the other 3 v____ally and this one is head down and ready to go too!!) I will just be glad to get this over with!!!


disneymommy79 - January 17

:( I think thats a common worry with moms and moms with other children. I think about that stuff all the time. Why I cant go do somethings like sky diving or something because what if. I worry that I that something would happen to me and my hubby would be stuck raising the kids by himself. I think it's just a worry because you know your family and your kids need you. I think it's getting worse the closer the delivery comes. I wouldn't let it keep you up at night. All the crazy things that go through our minds as we get up to the date of giving birth. Our minds don't rest and I cant help but be afraid of something happing to me or my son. I have even been scared when I call and tell my hubby its time if he is at work that something will happen to him on the way home. For some weird reason I think we just get really scared. I think its very normal. But your not alone :\


kaybee123 - January 17

Hormones are crazy right now I'm sure. Fear and anxiety CAN prevent labor they say. I can't stop thinking about getting this over and done with. All the anticipation is just killing me. I'm not afraid at all. In fact, if i could wave a wand it would be today. I am 38 weeks now. The first was 36 wks and the second was 35 wks. I feel like I'm overdue right now. I am miserable.



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