Any Advice About Induction

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claire - March 23

i'm 38 weeks 6 days and only 50% effaced, 0 cm dialated. my MD said that when she sees any progress with my cervix, she's going to go ahead and induce me. I'm excited, but scared because I've been told that inductions can be pretty harsh.. especially if you dont' have a whole lot of progress. I hate the thought of a catheter and an IV., but I understand what has to be done, .. has to be done. This is my first child, and I would really like things to run smoothly. If any of you moms out there have any advice.. please share with me!!! thank you


sarahbaby11 - April 5

i was induced with my first because they thought she had stopped growing. i was worried too but i can tell you it is no big deal. it was kind of nice to get to calmly go to the hospital and relax. if you doctor didn't explain the procedure yet ask. but basically they will give youa suppository to thin your cervix. they did this 12 hours before they gave me an iv to start my contractions. i guess the amount of time depends on how your cervix is thinning. once you contractions a fairly normal they will break your water and you'll be on your way. the catheter is nop big deal. a little uncomfortable at first but you soon forget it is there. i hopes this helps you feel a little better. p.s. my husband and i are trying for number 2 and i would actually liked to ne induced again. it gave me a lot of comfort and saved me from having a lot of unneeded stress and anxiety


spoonfulofsugar - April 5

My experience was a little different. I had my first child who is now 6 in 4 hours naturally. My 2nd son who is now 4, I was induced. I was happy about having a day set and going in without the stress and anxiety sarah was talking about. However I was in labor for over 30 hours. My contractions also felt more painful. This could just be my own experience, everyone is different.


jamiew - April 5

DRUGS LOL .. get an epi =)


mommietobe - April 5

Every induction is different, but for me, I went through two days of induction. The first day was cervidel which is a gel they place on your cervix. The second day was pitocin . I only dilated to 2 cm. What no one warned me about was the contractions are constant, no break in between, kind of felt like a really bad period. The worst part was I was sent home for a week and brought back for a c/s. We live in Florida on the coast and had to evacuate. I'm due with my second in July, also hurricane season and I'm a nervous wreck. Take things to the hospital to distract you, headphones, knitting, board game, it will help. Good luck, you will do just fine.


arismom - April 7

I was induced with my first at 35 weeks. While the labor itself doesn't take as long, you start out with heavier contractions. I felt much better knowing it would all be over soon. After they induced I was only in labor for 5 hours.


mom2b2x - April 7

I was induced with my daughter at 39 weeks because i had started progressing but then stopped. They broke my water at about 830 am and they gave me a shot of stadol and so therefore i pretty much did not feel anything then about 12 i got my epi and at 1 i was 7 cm and at 130 i was fuly dilated i started pushing at 145 and after 3 pushes she was born at 202. Now dont get me wrong this is not the case for everyone but i had an exceptionally easy induction and labor and delivery . My catheter did hurt and when they broke my water it hurt but i am sure the pain from that was minimal compared to labor . I am for induction simply because the mother does not epxperience much pain at all if her epi works... good luck


Heather L - April 8

I wqas induced with both of my children. I didn't have a catheter either time. Not sure why you'd have to. With my first the labour from having the meds to delivering was only 8hrs. I did it naturally, without the use of any pain meds. With my second it was only a total of FOUR hours and I also had no pain medications with his birth. If you go into it prepared and you can focus, you don't have to have meds. You can do it. If you need meds, that's ok too. Don't be too freaked by bad induction stories.....every single birth is different. You can't compare yourself. I am 36 1/2 wks pregnant with my third and I would welcome an induction again! :) Good luck!!


C - April 8

If I had to do it over again, I would not be induced. I really think my body was not ready. I also had the cervidal for 12 hours and then once they added the pitocin the contractions were really hard. I ended up pushing for 3 hours. I was induced because of PID and my doctor was nervous. Otherwise, I would have waited until I was more dilated/effaced. You should only need a catheter if you get an epidural. That's because you are numb down there and you don't know you need to go. You don't even know you have it. I only knew when they said I'm going to take out your catheter now.



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