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M.A. - March 15

I had my 39 week check up today. I have three different dr.'s, and all of them have said that this looks like a big baby. Today he said that I can't hardly move, and I'm in so much pain because the baby is so heavy and big, and has no room. I'm not dialated at all, so he couldn't help me out. So I'm wondering why he doesn't schedule a c-section for next week or sometime before this baby is so big that he walks out of me! Could it be that the baby is not necessarily heavy, but bigger in length? I can't walk anymore. I've been trying. And I can't have s_x anymore. Is there any way at all to get myself to dialate? I've been having contractions. But obviously really harsh false one's due the baby's size. Any suggestions are appreciated. I need to have this baby before he has me!


jg - March 15

Until the baby arrives there is no way to know for sure just how big it is. As you said, it might be very long, but slender, or it could be short and stout! Don't worry though - our bodies are made to give birth, and my Dr always rea__sured me that large women can have trouble giving birth to tiny babies and smaller women can breexe through giving birth to very large babies. There is no way to know for sure how things willgo until you are well in to labour. As for all the home induction techniques, they are just not effective. Most women (including me) will tell you that they tried everything possible to get things moving, but the truth is that bub will not come until it is good and ready. I went six days overdue and tried everything (except castor oil as it is supposed to be bad for the baby), and in the end I was induced in hospital. Really try not to worry too much. If your Dr thinks it is necessary he might induce you early, otherwise the longer baby is in there, the better off it will be. Good luck!!!!! How exciting - baby on its way sometime soon!!!!!!!!!!!


Chelle - March 15

My doctor also told me that she thought that my baby felt pretty big. She was born 6lbs 1oz. Just like jg said, there is no way to know for sure how big your baby is. Good luck to you!


jen - March 16

hi, why not ask your doctor to schedule the c-section? Trouble is, you may end up going through labour and then have one anyways.


My answer - March 16

Why isn't your Dr. willing to "help things along" a little? He could strip your membranes, apply gel to your cervix, etc... not as invasive as full b__wn induction (which he may not be willing to do), but may help get things moving along. You are certainly full term, so there shouldn't be any worry over baby not being healthy.


Trcylee - March 16

I was induced with my first child - I was almost 42 weeks. The day I went in to be induced my dr told me it looks like he may be a smaller baby weighing in around 5-6 lbs. Was he wrong! He weight 8 lbs 1 oz.. I know now its difficult to play the waiting game - but usually drs now best, they'll let you know when you need to be induced... Good Luck!


M.A. - March 16

I don't know why my doctor won't strip my membranes before I'm at least 1 or 2 cm. dilated. With my last baby, I was about 1 or 2, and I don't know if I was effaced at all, but he did the stripping on my due date. And I had her five days later naturally. I'd much rather do that than be induced with drugs. My doctors won't even discuss inducing with drugs until I'm one or two weeks overdue. I think my doctors are real big on doing things naturally, so they probably will make me go through labor before they do a c-section. But I may have to ask about that next week. I'll be 40 weeks and 1 day at my appointment if the baby doesn't come by then.


^lucy^ - March 19

hi M.A. im 30+ weeks and my last appointment to the doctor,, i was 29 weeks.. my baby girl was measuring 31 weeks.. which is 2 weeks ahead.. i was so happy so i asked the dr does this mean im going to see the baby sooner? she smiled and said that my baby is tall in length (me and her dad are tall) but she's weighing within normal range.. around 1.48 kilos.. i think she wont be a big baby weight-wise.. so maybe this could be a reason to why ur measuring ahead and ur doctors are telling u that ur baby is big.. it might be tall and not necessarily chubby



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