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young_mum_2_b - May 4

hi, i'm 17 and i'm 32 weeks pregnant. i know labor will hurt but i am so so scared!! what if something goes wrong with the baby and she..or even i dont get through it? i'm very worried i wont be able to cope with the pain or that i could lose her during labor if something goes wrong. and how high is the rate of death during child birth for the mother does anyone know??


Bonnie - May 4

I don't know the actual rate but it is minimal. Firstly, I think every woman feels this way. It IS very scary no matter what anyone tells you. Try your best to not worry to much, and when y ou do remember think about how often women give birth. Go in with an open mind and you will be fine. Labor is different for everyone. It is not always a horror story. Personally, I was TERRIFIED of pain (I had never been in any real pain) and of dieing as well! In the end, it was a long labor , 2 1/;2 hours of pushing that ended up in a c-section. It did hurt of course but was in no way even close to as bad as I thought it would be. I had an epidural which was a GODsend!! I was chatting away with fammily totally 100% painfree at 10 cm! I was in shock, lol. The epidural wore off on me twice (it happened slowly and rarely does that) but they were quick to fix it. Yeah, when it wore off it hurt like hell ~hats off to you natural women out there~ but it wasn't bad enough to make me scream. I doubt I would have had the willpower to hold out natural though, lol. Just remeber, it's only a day or 2 out of your life. You will make it just fine. :)


Mommy_Erin23 - May 9

Hi There. Having a baby is a scary thing and pregnancy can make your mind go nuts. I can honestly say that I tend not to worry about much but labor scared me silly. Though I didn't worry so much about death I was very afraid for my little girl. It is very normal to feel this way. In the end it was over before I knew what happened. I went natural because when I got down to the wire I found that I could handle it. It just goes to show you that every labor expirence is so different. And don't let anyone tell you there is something wrong with having an epidural or that your a weak or whatever Labor is painful and if you feel frightened there is no need to be brave. Just remember no matter how scared you are, it will be over faster then you think and you will probably sail through it. I look back on my labor fondly believe it or not. It was no walk in the park but it was one of the biggest expirences in my life. Good luck and all the best :)



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