Any Moms Of Only Children Here

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mandee25 - July 7

Have any of you had one child and decided that was it because the labour was so painful? I hope I don't end up feeling this way because I want 2 or 3 kids. I know this sounds silly to most of you.


lauraloo77 - July 7

Hi, I know my sister-in-law does not want anymore children after her 1st due to birth being such a traumatic experience for her.


dedaa - July 7

I am now pregnant with baby#3 when I had my first I did not think that I would ever have another. My labor was so long and so exhausting. Recuperating was not easy either. I got pregnant last year unexpectedly and was terrified of labor. Well when was in labor with my second do much better then the first.LOL I was telling my husband that we were going to start trying for another this summer. My youngest was 6 months when I got pregnant this time. I think most people feel like that right after labor but as soon as you see how fast they grow your back to wanting another.


KellynJ - July 7

Im pregnant with my 2nd son now. With my first I went early and they were trying to stop my contractions, for three days I was in labor until they finally decided to let me go, they broke my water and had my son within the 1/2hour. It was a long and painful, exsausting experince.. but you know when you are lying their with your legs wide open, by this time your modesty is lost, and pushing and breathing, I saw my sons head come out and to know that I created life, with they help of my feince, and im pushing into the world and to here him breath and cry, knowing that this is my son, my love, my hope, my dreams, my life. there is no other experince that can top anything so deep that will change your entire life and your outlook on everything, nothing, nothing can top the most emotional experince for me. Im actually so excited to experince it with my new son.


sahmof3 - July 9

After baby #1 I was convinced he was staying an only child!! Long, hard labor, ended in emergency C-section, and then my son didn't sleep very well for a long time. Hard recovery. But, fortunately, it's true that you don't remember the pain and all...


sahmof3 - July 9

Duh, forgot to say, I now have three!!


mandee25 - July 14

Wow okay thanks for sharing. I am sure I will want another one at least. It has to be one of the most exciting experiences a woman can have.


ChannY - July 15

After I had my first, I was like..I'm done! I'm through with this pain! No more for me..but my mum told me, my kid can't be an only child. You'll have to have atleast 2-4 kids...*sigh*..I think imma have 2 more than im done. the pain was worth it



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