Any Pre Labor Signs

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Bonnie - December 27

I was just curious if there are any signs (other than the doc saying you are dialated) that happen just before labor? I had a trickly yesterday and thought something was up with my water. The hospital sent me home, though the test strip did turn blue. They sent me home since I haven't leaked anymroe (wierds eh?) Also, today I've been very nauseated all of a suddeb. Is that common in the last weeks or just before? Any other things to look out for?


Bonnie - December 27

trickle* lol...dang typos (please parden them all, I cannot type for sh**) :P


alicia - December 28

Im not sure if i can help 36 weeks and thinking im going to go uhhh SOON. lol...iv read that diareah, and stomach upset is a sign that you could be in early labor, increase in discharge is one, so is the increase in braxton hicks...iv read that they can be in your back and others that only real labor is supposed to be in your back. i had false labor for 12 hours on christmas so iv been doing my research. today i woke up after being sick to my stomach in the wee hours of the morning and my whole body is achy. my back pain is bad. it feels like pms cramps. Good luck n ill keep you posted on how im doing, keep me posted on you. I goto the doctors tommorow so i dont know if im dialated or anything yet but my mom went at least 4 weeks early with all of us kids. sooo its a possibility that i could go early too.


alicia - January 2

its me still pregnant, not dialated as of thursday but the doctor did tell me i could go at any day. i actually lost 2 lbs in the past week, and them pains i was having made my nurse raise an eyebrow and my doctor said i was most likely going to go early cuz i was "ahead" i guess of the usual...i hope this is true im miserable and ready to meet my son. good luck ladies


Bonnie - January 2

Hi Alicia, I am still here too, lol. My doc app't on thursday showed everything fine except for him telling me baby is really BIG. lol I am also dialated 1 cm now. Since the app't. on Thursaday though, nothing as happened so I am just sitting here waiting. Can't wait for my appointment this week to see if anything has progressed.


nicki - January 2

I feel like I am in the same boat . At my appt. last Thursday, 29th, the doctor said that I was 3 cm, 70-80% effaced, and that the baby's head was very low. Over the weekend, I had a lot of discharge every time I went to the bathroom, I am guessing that it was the mucous plug. I have been crampy in my lower abdomen and back as well as having contractions for hours every evening that are about 6 minutes aprt. They seem to suddenly stop. I am ready to meet our baby. This surely couldn't go on much longer.


MichelleB - January 2

I felt like 'off' in the morning. Not sure how to describe it. Mid afternoon I was having gas pains.....that is what they felt like....not painful though. I also had diareah before I went to hospital in the evening. Good luck to all.



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