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Nissa - March 8

I went to the hospital last night because I was having pressure and found out I was actually having contractions 8 minutes apart!! I had no idea about it. So I got nervous thinking if they check me and there is no change and I go home how WILL I know when to go back in. I asked the first nurse I had and she said that third babies were usually pokey and took longer than the first two and not to base this labour on my first two which were very fast. is it true about third babies being longer labours???? The second nurse I had when I came back after being sent to walk for an hour said that I am just at the change to active labour and that I should come right back if the pains get to be *different* and I feel liike begging for meds. So I came home and had an hour of intenseeeeeee pains 10 to 11 minutes apart but not earth shaking enough for me to beg for meds in my mind. Yes, it's baby number three but how will I know???? And are they really longer labours? Any mothers of three out there or any stories you've heard?


Nissa - March 8

oh and btw, my other two babies were born 15 and 16 years ago so I wonder if that makes a difference?


huh? - March 8

I have always heard that third babies come quick!! I am surprised to hear the opposite. I have a friend that just had her third baby and when the doc came in to check her-the baby's head was almost all the way out and she hadn't even begun to push! All it took was 2 pushes and taaadaa!! Baby was there. It was real quick-like 3 hours max!! And, considering that she had all threee babies back to back pregnancies may be why it was so quick. This one may take you longer cause its been so long since your last. Good luck to you!!


agtemt - March 8

ive heard that if you've had an extended ammount of time between pregnancies that its just like being pregnant for the first time


alasc - March 8

Hi Nissa, Having your others quite a while ago. Your body will act like you have not had a baby. It's like your body forgets. As for myself I have had three and each labor has been quicker and easier. Hope your baby cooperates and everything goes well.


M.A. - March 8

My doctor just told me that this pregnancy is harder because it's my third. I don't know if it's for me personally, but he also said the more kids I have, the more miserable during pregnancy I'll be for each one. But my labor was easier to know was happening, and easier to go through with my second than first. So hopefully this labor will be even easier!


snow - March 8

i'm not a mother, but i am the third child. my oldest sister (number one) took hours and finally had to be pulled out with a clamp. my other sister (number two) took almost two hours, but with less complications. i (number three) took only about twenty minutes. my mom said, "i d__n neared walked out of there." the doctor barely had time to even get to the i definitly was not the pokey baby.


My answer - March 9

My first baby was 12 hours, second was 6 hours (pitocin induced), and third was 5 hours... I'm shooting for 3 hours with my next one!



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