Any Unusual Bring On Labour Tips I Ve Tryed A Heap Already

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TeEnMuM - July 14

TO Taarna: thank you for the advise i went and saw my doc and he said i'm all good i just had a leek from the back of the sack and cause i have not gone into full labour yet the waters would keep renewing it self and fill back up and now that the baby is in full position to come he might be pluging me up and that why no more water is coming out. TO cuddly: thank you! you made me feal so much better to know im not the only one who feals help less, but i do feal bad always asking every one to do stuff for me, im sure if some one could go to the toilet for me i would get them to do that to LOL. any ways thank you girls it really means alot to me.


TeEnMuM - July 14

hey girls i just found some thing else that might help bring on your labour. Cinnamin stick tea - Take cinnamin sticks and boil them into a tea and drink. It actually tastes good so even if it doesn't bring on labor it may help you to relax. So give it ago and good luck


kdrider1 - July 14

I am due in 4 days, and for the past 3 I have tried everything posible to go into labor. I found out at my last appointment that I am dilated 2cm so I thought it would be easy to get labor started. I have drank castor oil for 2 days, scrubbed my floors (on hands and knees) twice, washed down walls, ate everything spicy that I could think of, drank brown sugar and water, took hot showers, walked (very fast), s_x, did squats but nothing has worked. I don't think this baby wants to come out. Good luck to everyone trying to induce themselves. Hope you have better luck than I have.


TeEnMuM - July 15

If any one here suffers from leg cramps in the night here is an old wives tales that might just work for you: Put a bar of soap in at the end of your bed tuked up in your sheet, there is some thing in the soap thats is ment to help and if not it will make your bed, sheet and you smell nice. My grandfather swore by it. It might just be mind over matter but hey if it works and helps you get a better night sleep well thats good enough for me.So have ago and let me know what you think if you find it works pa__s on the idea to any one you know who suffers from leg cramps even if they are not pregnant. GOOD LUCK


mometobe - July 21

Hey well I am over 40 weeks pregnant. I tired walking about 3 miles two nights in a row. It brought on contractions but they stopped after I fell asleep. Last night we went 4x4ing down a really bumpy trail and since last night I have been having contractions. I believe that this is what worked. I think if anything it should be tried. No harm from it and bonus if it workds for you too. But remember that it won't work unless the baby is ready. I was already a centimeter dialated and the doc says that if I don't go in by Monday he is going to induce me, this is why I tried it cause I want a natural birth. Good luck.


ABSunshine - July 21

Wow. This is a long thread!! I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for replying. I had a good laugh at some of the responses and now know that basically nothing works. haha......I'm only 2 days overdue and have resigned to the fact that the baby will 'come when it's ready' as others have said. Thanks for the laughs, though!


andersons4 - July 21

The best thing so far is cod liver oil. Take 2 tablespoons alone or mixed with orange juice if you don't want to try it alone. I took it for both pregnancies and each time had my kids the same day! This will work great especially when you're already dialated--only took 4hrs the 2nd time around!


Abigail - July 22

You're all trying to get the baby out and I'm praying and have even stopped having s_x to keep him in...hehe


nellie0317 - July 25

In my last pregnancy I tried cammomil tea and it worked. I had her the next day.My neighbor told me about it.


apr - July 25

Nellie- Is normal camomile tea ok? That I dont mind trying. Let me know


nellie0317 - July 25

Thats what I used was regular.


AmberJane - July 26

I have 9 days to go, I tried the brownsugar and s_x, Raspberry Leaf Tea and Much Walking. Nothing yet, but I am hoping. I just really am anxious to meet this little feller. It is our first and my husband and I are so excited! we are going to keep on doing the bed tumbles and see what pops out!


mometobe - July 27

Hey well I had my baby on the 23rd of July and she is beautiful. The 4x4ing really worked. 36 hours of hard labour. Got the epidural for the last hour of so Just for the pushing.


flickety - October 5

im 38 weeks with my first and im 18 years old and in my eyes the baby will come when its ready not you i dont care when it comes as long as it is healthy. but some help on how to get my man to give me lots of ma__sages will help heaps lol.


secondtimearound - November 10

With my first pregnancy... I was 2 days over due and had the midwife do a cervical sweep and that night I went into labour. Worth a try! I'm currently 37 weeks w/ second pregnancy and I've tried spicy food, walking for an hour up hill, pineapple, pedicure, I've been drinking raspberry tea since I was 32 weeks (it doesn't bring on labour but is suppose to help quicken active labour), and s_x... so far nothing. Though when I'm finished walking I feel crampy, but no pattern to the cramps. I'm ready for this pregnancy to be over w/ any other suggestions would help!


secondtimearound - November 10

I found this searching about and thought it was interesting. "une 21, 2006 - As their due date approaches, many pregnant women say they're willing to try just about anything to speed up the arrival of their baby. Old wives' tales suggest eating spicy food, going for a walk, or having s_x is sure to do the trick. But a new study says making love won't get you to the delivery room any faster. The study, published in the June issue of Obstetrics and Gynecology, followed 93 women in their third trimesters (37th week and up). At each weekly doctor's visit, the women revealed whether they had s_x the previous week, and underwent cervical examinations. The s_xually active group (50.5 percent) delivered at an average of 39.9 weeks, while those who abstained delivered at 39.3 weeks. So the group that refrained from s_x actually had their babies sooner than those who had s_x, though not by a significant margin." I've included the link as well... I'm really starting to believe that the baby will come when he/she is ready.



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