Any Unusual Bring On Labour Tips I Ve Tryed A Heap Already

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secondtimearound - November 10

I found this searching about and thought it was interesting. "une 21, 2006 - As their due date approaches, many pregnant women say they're willing to try just about anything to speed up the arrival of their baby. Old wives' tales suggest eating spicy food, going for a walk, or having s_x is sure to do the trick. But a new study says making love won't get you to the delivery room any faster. The study, published in the June issue of Obstetrics and Gynecology, followed 93 women in their third trimesters (37th week and up). At each weekly doctor's visit, the women revealed whether they had s_x the previous week, and underwent cervical examinations. The s_xually active group (50.5 percent) delivered at an average of 39.9 weeks, while those who abstained delivered at 39.3 weeks. So the group that refrained from s_x actually had their babies sooner than those who had s_x, though not by a significant margin." I've included the link as well... I'm really starting to believe that the baby will come when he/she is ready.


vonzo - November 13

My TV blew up the night i went into labour, that might have scared her out! :o) To be serious though i am a believer that your baby will come out when he/she is ready. I tried a load of things too and nothing worked. I gave up hope of having her on time and actually started to plan things around the date i thought i would get induced on and voila she came 3 days early. It may be different for everyone so anything is worth a shot i suppose, good luck all you mummys to be :o)


misschrissie - November 14

Hi All, was just looking up if it was safe to use Dristan when pregnant and I came across this article (for those who want to use black & blue cohosh, hope it helps): The following substances have the potential to harm a developing baby when used in a concentrated formulation (not as a spice in cooking). Some are thought to cause birth defects, and encourage early labor. Avoid these oral supplements: Arbor vitae, Beth root, Black cohosh, Blue cohosh, Cascara, Chaste tree berry, Chinese angelica (Dong Quai), Cinchona, Cotton root bark, Feverfew, Ginseng, Golden seal, Juniper, Kava kava, Licorice, Meadow saffron, Pennyroyal, Poke root, Rue, Sage, St. John's wort, Senna, Tansy, White peony, Wormwood, Yarrow, Yellow dock, vitamin A (large doses can cause birth defects)


jenmonty - November 29

Hiya, my Mum told me that she washed her feet in the hottest water she could stand, like twice a day. She was only in labour for 2 hours with both of us as well the lucky thing. I am going to try this soon I am 37 weeks today


bigmamma - December 12

Just been to my midwife she suggested lots of hot pa__sionate s_x and fresh pineapple. My yoga teacher suggested lobster and champagne, something to do with a chemical reaction between the two. I havn't tried either yet, im 37 and a half weeks. I have been getting lots of backpain in the last few days so maybe it will start natuarally. If im still here this time next week I may give them a go and let you know how I get on. Good luck to all x


byansmommy - December 12

well i was told about this pressure point by your ankle to ma__sage that and it could start contractions and my husband did that the next day i started to loose my mucus plug and i've been having a lot of mestrual type cramping


ScorpioEmpress - December 13

I would say don't even try anything more than what you have. If you are not ready, nothing will work. S_x is the next best thing to membrane stripping though because one of the hormones in seamen causes uterine contractions. I can't remember the name though right off hand. It is not YOUR orgasm that counts though, it is his, and don't use a condom. You need the seamen for the hormones. BUT, like I said, if you are not ready, nothing healthy, short of pitocin or breaking your water is likely to do the trick.


dot - December 13

on the castor oil - as far as I have heard it is dangerous for the baby if taken in early pregnancy - and it makes you have stomach cramps not the baby and because the pains are so bad it can sometime start labour contractions this sounds like to much pain and what if it aint gonna work then you have the poops and nothing no thanx.!! I dont think there is anything one can do to bring a baby before he/she is ready (unless you can somehow produce the hormone that starts labour...)


Mr Greedy - December 13

The best way to take caster oil is to blend it in a milkshake with a little ice cream. Take 2 mls 3 times with 3 hours inbetween each dose. If he's ready to come out it'll help if not, you'll just have a good clear out. I did it last week and it didn't work for me. I'm 4cms dilated now and 70% effaced and having surges every day. I'm trying my hardest to be patient. I think my little one is being kind to me and letting me have this 'lazy labour'. I've tried nearly all the remedies mentioned here but when it comes down to it your baby decides when the time is right.........Good luck ladies. x


babii_boo91 - December 15

wow so many different suggestions:P Umm im almost 36 weeks and desperate to get this baby out. I like soem of the suggestions but some i dont know if they will work. I have tried walking all the time cleaning, bathes, everything even s_x but nothing seems to work


mommytobee - December 16

If you have an electric b___st pump, try using that for 15 mins on each nipple. It will cause contractions but they might taper off, if so repeat until they stay strong. If you decide to have s_x again, let the semin linger in you for a few mins. I know it sounds nasty but it will ripen your cervix. Also try squatting until you feel pressure on your cervix, then sit there for 40-60 seconds or as long as you can. Try that as many times as your legs will let you.


sissypooh - February 26

To the person who said castor oil will kill your baby, That is so not true!! castor oil will not put you into labor if your body is not ready for it. and that goes for all of the other natural methods of induction. I have had s_x work for me 3.times and castor oil work as well. It just depends if your body is ready when you try each method.


Guest007 - February 26

Everyone is ent_tled to believe whatever they want, but it is a fact that if your baby and body were ready for labor, you would be in labor. You most certainly can force labor before your baby and body are ready, but why? No matter how uncomfortable you are, you can hang on a bit've made it this far. I understand being uncomfortable (in the extreme), as I suffered from SPD throughout my last one. Hang in there, before you know it, you'll be wanting to trade in middle of the night feedings for these last pregnancy moments.


liza1975 - February 28

ive tried everything as well i had the sweep and they felt the babys ear and cheek,still no sigh though im 5 days over due


ausmum - March 3

I am 39 wks pregnant with my third, the first one was 6 days overdue and the second 7 days early. I had s_x yesterday and had my plug dislodge last night and now I am having very irregular mild contractions, I walked up ten flights of stairs this morning and am now trying the brown sugar drink to see if I can speed things up. I will let you know if it works. Also, thought you might be interested to try what I did with my first one when he was overdue- I went swimming, had s_x and tried a lebanese old wives tale - eating a portion of plain boiled rice and raw cabbage. I woke that night in labour and my waters broke. If this brown sugar doesnt work I am going to give the rice and cabbage a go.


hutcho1984 - March 5

s_x! i had 6 days to go to my due date, had s_x on the wednesday night, woke up at 3am with a bloody show and my first contractions. they died out the following day, so s_x again and contractions were kickstarted again. this went on until i had her on the monday. but the s_x worked wondes when the contractions tailed off. Nic x



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