Any Unusual Bring On Labour Tips I Ve Tryed A Heap Already

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amanda - June 15

i have heard that taking 2-4 ounces of castor oil mixed in orange juice will induce and quicken labor i also heard you can mix it in with root beer or eggs


mother of 7 - June 16

I am 38 week dialated to 3, 50% and s_x alwayed worked with me until this one. Where do you get castor oil?


C.G - June 16

you can get castor oil at almost any store its where the laxatives are. walmart,rite aid, walgreens etc...


sarah - June 17

a bottle of caster oil mixed with some orange have some biscuits handy coz you will be sick


sarah leigh - June 17

you can get caster oil from your local chemist


Dolly - June 21

YOu guys need to chill...too many pregnant mammas...I'm 39 weeks pregnant...and my baby seems content to stay where he is...although i have a terrible time trying to sit very pelvis kills!! dont take castor oil...that stuff is disgusting!! and what s_x positions are safe? i'm tired of the spoon side by side s_x. My s_x life is pretty regular...and there's no contractions or anything.


Hmmm... - June 21

41 weeks...On top with one leg bent while dh does the work is a good position. Kind of like doing a squat.


nicola - June 23

i am due to have my 3rd baby in 6 days and i do not have small babys and they are always late is there any way that i can bring on labour before then


Alma - June 25

If I try the castrol oil and I feel contractions, when should I start leaving to the hospital? (I'm 40 min away from the hospital) Also I'm 38 1/2 weeks am I to selffish to be done with my pregnancy?


caz - June 26

i heard walking and plenty of s_x brings labour on is that entirely true,im 39 weeks and i want my baby out now !


Sam - June 30

Like you I'm also awaiting a late baby, I have tried all sorts of stuff to no avail, have decided to stop worrying and allow my body to relax. I have started visualisation and talking to the baby and have started to get slight contractions (deep period pains), letting the baby know that it will be pulled and poked about by the NHS seems to be doing the trick! Good luck and I hope you can naturally start labour - remember the baby will come when its good and ready x


linz - July 6

Clary sage oil supposed to work.. mix a few drops with almond oil and masage into your tummy, this should bring on your contractions. Good luck xxx


kim - July 7

A book I have says that nipple stimulation can trigger strong contractions, it also says not to try this without your Dr's. advice because it can cause very strong contractions.


Meagan:) - July 7

Well im 41 weeks and on monday will be 42 planning on being induced if he doesn't come by thursday!!!! Ive tried everything EXCEPT castor oil, i really don't feel like c___pping my face off for 2 days hehehe... Suposidly contractions are way stronger when you take that stuff. I ate a pineapple yesturday and went for a walk (nothing) s_x(nothing) lot's of water(nothing) walking (nothing).. he's just gonna come when he's ready , no use in forcing him unless things go to next week .. My advice just be patient, try to do something different everyday, get out of the house for a little bit to take your mind off of things ...Remember not much longer to go he's gonna come out sooner or later right!! GOOD LUCK :)


Courtney - July 11

Crystal: I am 39 weeks pregnant. My doctor told me to go home and drink a gla__s or 2 of wine. It will not hurt you. He said it's actually good for you n small amounts. Just Don't drink the whole bottle :)


Amie - July 11

Courtney: Your doc actually told you that? I've heard about it before, and people have told me it's actually good in small amounts, like half a gla__s every two weeks. I've been so tempted to try it, but I feel guilty every time I go to open a bottle. Let me know if it works, I'm now 5 days overdue. If it works, if you get anything at all, let me know what kind of wine too, anything thats red? Or does it have to be merlot? I'm not crazy on merlot, I wonder if a red fruit wine would work? I've have crampy pains for three days now, and nothing nothing nothing. I;m going crazy!!



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