Anybody Have Kaiser Permanente

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Danielle - April 14

I am a Kaiser patient and have the feeling that my plans for a natural, unmedicated birth will not be well supported. I want to be able to walk around and not be forced to stay in bed attached to an IV and fetal monitor. I realize all hospitals are different, but if you're willing to share your experiences I would really appreciate it.


Maleficent - April 14

my first baby was a kaiser baby and my experiances there were not good. sorry to say. i was a first time mom and made the mistake of a__suming the doctors and nurses knew what was best for me. i think if you go into it willing to fight for what you want (and have support people ready to fight as well) then you'll do better than i did. i was a scared 18 year old single mom and thought doctors were just a step below gods. lol. my mom came with me and her advice was "just do what the doctors say, honey." :eye roll: stick up for yourself and don't let your support people cave on you. you have a right to deliver how you want.


Jill - April 16

I think Kaiser is the worst! I didn't have a baby there but last year my boyfriend got into a really bad car accident and was at kaiser I can't even begin to tell you how bad it was there. To name a few they forgot that his back was broken in 3 places and tried to get him out of bad to walk around, When I got there they had him sitting up with no back brace on and just said oops we forgot sorry. They kept forgeting he was diabetic and he wouldn't get his insulin shots unless I reminded them to. He needed oxigen and every time a new nurse would come on they would remove his oxigen to check him then not put it back so he would pa__s out, I could keep going. But it made me realize I'm glad we are not married or that is where I would be having my baby


ni ni - April 23

well sorry i havent heard anything good about kaiser but i can tell you that natural w/o monitors but if a problem occurs how will they detect it?with my daughter she was choking herself and w/o that machine we could of lost her


Jill - April 24

I agree monitors will not hurt your baby they use them for a reason. My baby also had her cord around her neck and her heart rate dropped I wouldn't have known without the monitor



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